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Hollow Hills Treatment

Hollow Hills
Treatment & Feature Length Screen-Play by Edward Nyahay






The Legend of Hollow Hills explores mankind's darkest secret. The rise of Abaddon
Landcaster, the son of Rebecca Landcaster, a witch whose ancestors sacrificed humans for the
conception of Satan. Rebecca gives birth to the devil's son on the night of her execution. The
answer to man's oldest question, "Is Satan capable of redemption?" is our exploration.

The town of Hollow Hills believes Rebecca Landcaster and her son are dead. The local grave-
digger, Reed Landcaster, Rebecca's father, resurrects Rebecca and raises Abaddon until 12
years old. This cultic experience explores the realm of the spirit through the eyes of the devil.
Satan and Rebecca haunt Abaddon for 21 years making him do what no man should ever do.

Present day, we meet Charlene Landcaster, finishing her doctorate in Witchcraft at Hollow
Hills College. Her thesis is the driving force in awaking her supernatural powers. She must
battle the manifestation of the dead, and choose within herself what is right and what is wrong.
The consequence of each choice is her struggle.

Abaddon turns against his mother and father and repents. This time witnessing Satan's son's
redemption. "Is the Anti-Christ capable of repenting?"

Hollow Hills will challenge your beliefs, shake you to the core, and force you to choose a side.