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Featured Writers

~Featured Writer: Edward Nyahay


For more information or to purchase Edward Nyahay's book "Wings of Flesh~Expel Your Demons Enjoy the Flight" please click here. Inspired by his marriage to Jacqueline.

***Edward Nyahay original scripts & screenplays now available for your reading pleasure!  Please click on links below.

"Wings of Flesh"

"Wings of Flesh~In the Beginning"

"Vamp High"

"Hollow Hills"

"Hollow Hills 2nd Draft"

Treatment "Hollow Hills"


"Krush the Serpent"

"All In Your Head"

"Playing for Spare Change"

"The Wedding"


Music Video "Tattoo Voodoo"

Edward wants to hear from you!

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~Featured Writer: Tom Jeffords

Tom Jeffords original short story "The X-Files Gospel" combines his love of X-Files with the Acts of the Apostles.  Focusing in on the early church as Christianity blossomed after the death of Jesus, Tom takes us on an adventure where faith and reason are put to the test.  Posted with permission from the author.

Click here to download "The X-Files Gospel"

To find out more about Tom or to contact him please click here!