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Incense waifs in my room

       Dreamy thoughts fill the gloom

   Spirits form outside my window

         Invite them in, I don’t think so

Guardian Angel stand up and fight

     Let not the darkness diminish our Light

Open the channel loose God’s love

     Let more pour through you from above.

               Listen as His breath comes to you

                  Whispers wisdom makes you want to

                Fly up to the Heavenly Host

                     Ride upon the Holy Ghost!

Saints and Angels greet you there

     Lead the way to Jesus lair.

Nirvana flows through every limb.

         My blood is singing that sweet hymn

                        Suddenly I wake from a dream

                             My love is lost or so it seems

                   Blindly I walk this earthly plain

              Visions focused on spiritual gain.

        I know the final destination

  No point in falling to damnation.

       God’s will is how I rule my life

 My heart shows me the peace and strife.

     So listening to His wisdom

 I’m on the path to His kingdom.

                                       ~Jacqueline Nyahay

March 27, 2003