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Keepin It Real ~ Chapter 3 by Jacqueline Nyahay

March 2011 ~

Jacqueline Nyahay~Flight Attendant
Welcome To People on location @ Ontario Airport

Jessica's List called Monday with my details for Welcome to People.  I was glad they gave us a heads up two days early since the location was the Ontario Airport, easily an hour drive with no traffic and our call time 5am.  I planned ahead and started drinking wine about 4pm Tuesday afternoon, having dinner and watching SNL to make my body think it was later and fell asleep around 7:30pm.  I woke up at 1am, and couldn't fall back asleep for when my alarm was set for 2:15am.  I had coffee and got ready for set and headed out to the Ontario Airport.  I arrived early and was given a paper for my car window on which we were to put our name and phone number.  They also wanted us to leave our keys in the car so they could move them if need be for a shot.  I never leave my key in the car unless it's a valet situation on a studio lot so I did not leave my keys and was told if I moved to a different aisle it was ok.  We were shuttled to our holding tent at another area of the airport.  Breakfast was served and I got an egg, cheese and tomato sandwich and relaxed in holding.  Wardrobe arrived and I changed into my Virgin America flight attendant outfit.  There were at least 300 BG so it was insanely crowded and I was happy I'd brought my set chair.  We sat around for 4 hours before we were brought into the airport to set.  The scene was in the airport terminal and I was actually the girl behind the counter you would check bags with.  I was placed next to where the principal action was taking place and it was surreal looking out at this airport and all these people bringing the scene together, as well as real travelers coming to the airport to really go places!  Lunch was called at 11:30am and I got in line when Kids Management texted me for a job for Zyla.  I called in and found out it was for Wizards of Waverley Place, her favorite Disney show.  There were only 2 spots for Caucasian girls and I managed to get Zyla one of them!  The kids were being booked early to find matching actors to play their parents and I told Kids Management that I'd love to be considered to play Zyla's mom.  I called Jessica's List to book out for the following day unless Wizards of Waverley Place called to book me as Zyla's parent.  They did!  The rest of the day went smoothly.  I got a cute picture in the airport in my outfit and was happy I was going to be in the same movie Zyla had just shot a scene for few weeks back.  We finally wrapped out at 7:30pm and I drove back through a rainstorm, but made good time.  I got home and got the details for Zyla and I and packed all our stuff up for set.  Ed was going to join us as well as Zyla's chaperone so it was an amazing experience having my entire family going with me to set. 


The following morning we all woke up early and started getting ready for our Wizards day.  I didn't think there would be food since the last time I worked the show on location it had been sparse.  But that was not the case on stage.  We drove over to the Hollywood Center Studios and parked down the street.  We walked onto the lot, Zyla and I for the first time, Ed had been there before, back when he worked for Zalman King.  We made our way to the stages and holding was in the empty audience section.  Zyla was in awe to see the sets of the living room, restaurant, and magical basement.  They had a full breakfast snack set up and we ate eggs and potatoes.  We were checked in at 8am and Zyla went to set school while Ed and I hung out.  When the kids were brought back from school it was time for set and the AD forgot I was Zyla's real mom and wanted to match her with some actor to play her dad, but I reminded her and she let me play Zyla's mom. :)  We walked over to the Waverley Place side street outside the restaurant for a marionette puppet show.  It was fun seeing David Henry and he was really cool with the kids.  He introduced himself to Zyla and liked her name.  Jennifer Stone was really nice and friendly too.  Unfortunately when Selena came on set, she was not friendly.  Her mind didn't seem to be on the show and she spent the entire day texting and napping on a side bench.  She didn't say hi to any of the kids and was very distant.  She would run off and not be at her mark when they would get ready to roll.  She seemed over the whole Wizards thing and it was sad to see this behavior from her when she used to be so different.  Zyla was very disappointed that her idol didn't say hi or even look at her all day.  Lunch was catered in a big green screen room that Zyla thought was amazing!  I was shocked since most studio shows have walk away lunch.  We were fed burgers and ice cream sundaes!  I really enjoyed eating lunch with my family on set.  We returned to set and did more scenes with the puppet show.  Zyla was wrapped at 4:30pm but the adult BG still had to work as pedestrians outside the restaurant, for the interior restaurant scene.  So Ed and Zyla stayed in the audience section and watched the taping while I continued to wander around Waverley Place.  About an hour later the AD realized she could wrap me so my family could go home and that I wasn't really needed for these random crosses when there were plenty of other BG left.  It didn't matter to me, considering Zyla's paycheck was more than mine.  Perks of being a kid, but they get a higher negotiated rate than the union AFTRA adult members for this particular show contract and the kids get paid for wardrobe and the adults on this show don't.  I think with my hour of overtime I may have caught up with her.  We all exited the stages and Zyla said the worst part of a job is when it ends.  We walked out of the studio lot and got back to my car only to find out I'd left the lights on when we drove over in the light rain that morning.  My car battery was dead and AAA got there in 10 min and we were on our way home.  It was an amazing day I will never forget and I'm glad I got to share it with my family.


The following week I didn't work at all.  I had finished reading The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo and went to the library to get some new books.  In high school, I had always been fascinated by the poster for the first NC-17 movie to come out Henry & June.  I hadn't realized Uma Thurman was in it or that it was based on true events.  I finally got to enjoy this movie thanks to Netflix and decided I should read some of Anais Nin and Henry Miller's stuff.  I also ended up grabbing The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, which I had wanted to read since it came out but was always checked out at my library.  It inspired me to take up drum dancing again and I went on itunes to find a collage of drum music from Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, which I burned to a CD.  I found this ritual very meditative and adding a new dimension to my Lenten journey.  But before Ash Wednesday comes Fat Tuesday and I spent this Mardi Gra at my high school friend Andy's concert.  Flowbis was playing in Hermosa Beach at a cute little club called Saint Rocke.  I called up my friend Sean who lives nearby to come with me and it was a mini high school reunion since I hadn't seen Andy in 8 years and some of the other band mates had all gone to school with us as well.  The music was pumpin and I enjoyed dancing to the beat.  This was the first time I had seen Flowbis play live and I planned to make it more of a habit.  Thanks Andy for a Rockin Show!  I got home at 1am and on the news the next day over a million fish had died in the Redondo Beach Harbor.  That was only a few blocks away from where I had been!  I made my way to Mass and got my cross of ashes on my forehead.  I came down with the 24-hour flu and booked out for the following day to rest and heal.  Then Friday morning, when I was finally feeling better, my family woke to do prayers and the drum dancing when the phone starts ringing at 5am.  An earthquake hit Japan and a tsunami was on its way to the West Coast.  Our prayers went out to all the victims.  I hiked up the Verdugo Mountains where a week ago snow had fallen on me.  Now it was dry, warm and sunny like it had never happened.  I sat at the top looking out over the view, trying to see the ocean and if this massive wave was coming.  But out to sea was dark and covered in fog, not that it mattered, no giant wave hit our shores.  On Sunday, Zyla Alter Served during the 8:30am Mass for Cardinal Mahoney.  It was a blessing watching her walk down the aisle with the candle and sit up on the alter with this man who quite possibly might be the next Pope.  After church, I took Zyla and Ed out to Malibu where we went hiking at Castro Crest - Upper Solstice Canyon.  We hadn't been there in forever because of a forest fire that had wracked the landscape a few years back.  I love the trail here and the caves.  We enjoyed playing on the rocks and resting in the caves.  A huge Indian circle of stones was still laid out in a spiral outside one of the caves we were resting in.  I wanted to drum dance into the center and Zyla joined me while Ed watched.  I could hear the drum dance trance music in my head and hummed a bit of the beat as Zyla and I danced our way through to the center where we kneeled down to pray and offer our intentions.  Then we held hands and ran in circles, making our way out of the spiral, laughing and singing.  The day was clear, beautiful and perfect and the ocean looked amazing from our views on top of the world. 


Monday I had no work and was feeling down.  I hadn't worked in over a week and hoped Jessica's called me soon.  My friend Jason emailed me and after 11 years I embraced his friendship again.  I visited him at his office and we spent hours laughing and reminiscing about life.  Jessica's called me with a job for Tuesday on NTSF SD SUV.  It was a spoof show for the Cartoon Network.  I was playing a pedestrian with car and was told I would be in three outfit changes for random pedestrian scenes.  The call time was 5:30am in San Pedro, so I packed it in early and crashed out around 8pm.  I woke up several times during the night, and was not fully rested when the alarm went off at 2:30am.  But I got up and got ready and headed down to set.  Usually it's standard to arrive 30 minute earlier than your call time so you can get breakfast.  Unfortunately, that was not the case with this show, the crew call was 6:30am, so no one was there at 5am and the few of us early birds were told to wait in our cars.  We finally got checked in on time and had some breakfast before the car people were needed to set up the first shot.  My car was put into the scene of a traffic jam.  We were pretending we were in San Diego during some lighting of a candle ceremony.  The principal actor gets upset at the traffic and gets out of his car and walks over to his friend for some dialog.  I was in direct line of the camera over the principal actors shoulders, so I was directed to get out of my car and sort of stand up on my running board and look at the traffic with frustration and then talk on my cell phone to whoever I was running late for meeting.  Every take I was given more direction so I was highly featured in that scene.  Then we moved on to this Black Market scene.  I again was featured next to the principal actor at the top of the scene he reads a sign then pushes his way through the crowd.  I am the first person he bumps into as he tries to get through.  In the next scene I was again put right up front next to the principal action and given a yellow hat and some balloons.  I was given a guy to walk with me as a date and we are exiting this carnival, all happy and carefree when someone yells BOMB and we all run, scatter in a panic.  After being featured in every scene and wearing all my 3 changes of clothes I thought maybe I would be done for the day.  I was wrong.  I was sent to wardrobe to get more clothes.  I was then placed in the next scene walking behind the principal actors as they walked across this courtyard.  Then they all sit at a table and I walk down some stairs and enter a candy shop behind them.  I was given a frozen yogurt because the scene was all about Fro Fro Yo Yogurt.  It was really good and I ended up eating all mine before it melted.  The girl I was walking with in the scene couldn't eat hers because she'd given up sweets for Lent.  I thought that was funny because so had my husband.  Then I was paired up to play the mommy of Abigail, this cute little blond I had met the other day when Zyla and I worked Wizards.  We were told to walk along until we heard BOMB then run in a panic.  I was told to be on my cell phone at the top of the scene, then scurry my little girl away.  Some of the kids were given bags of popcorn and this one boy kept running crazy and the popcorn all came flying out of his bag.  It ended up all over the ground and he fell in one take, then Abigail fell in another take!  No cuts or scrapes so the kids were ok and laughing, thank God!  Then about 20 of us had to stand close and cheer during a scene of the running of the bulls, well spoof style it was running of the pit bulls.  The principal actor somehow gets pushed through our crowd and out to the dogs where we cheer the ravaging of the actor.  We were all getting a little silly as we had been up since wee hours of the morning and it was now about 6:30pm.  Finally, the day was coming to an end.  I really wanted to see this episode since I was going to be all over it, but I have no clue what episode it was.  I went to wardrobe to get my voucher back and checked out by 7:30pm.  Kids Management had texted for Zyla a 2 day call on Bones her favorite show!  I was sorry to have to turn it down but I was on hold for Hung the following day and Ed couldn't take off work to take her.  She was really upset, I felt bad.  I got called from Jessica's confirming my booking on Hung for the next day.  I got home in good timing and got all my stuff together for set the next day and crashed out by 10pm.


Wednesday morning I woke at 5am and started getting ready for set.  Hung ran late the night before and the call time was pushed a half hour, so I was able to take Zyla to school on my way to set at the Paramount lot.  The call box had been vague about where we were supposed to go, NE corner of lot, so I asked at the guard gate and was told to walk over to stage 5.  I looked down at my feet and couldn't believe I had left the house with my Harley boots on.  I felt like I was running late and hurried to the stage only to find it empty of BG.  I asked and was told to go back to the gas pumps and look for a wardrobe truck there.  I finally found the right spot on time and hoped wardrobe didn't get upset at my shoes.  Thankfully they chose to keep me in my leather jacket as well and my raspberry blouse.  But later wardrobe decided too many of us were in pants and they gave me a cute low cut blue patterned dress to wear with some heels.  There were about 9 of us and I knew 2 of the other girls.  We had all been the flight attendants on Welcome To People two weeks ago!  Another Rich King show, so it seemed to me that Rich King liked to pair us up together.  Production was being super anal and once we were dressed we had to be approved from everyone, the director, DP, producers, etc, etc.  Finally we were told to relax but breakfast had already been cleared out at that point and some of the girls were upset.  The scene was in this lofty, New York type upper room with brick walls.  We were there for a class on sexuality, primarily learning about types of orgasm, clitoral to be exact.  It was a funny day on set since there was so much sex talk, so everything seemed to have double meanings.  Jane Adams who plays Tanya was amazing.  I love watching her act.  In the scene she comes in late out of the rain to teach the class.  She gets sidetracked by the redhead Rebecca Creskoff, who plays Lenore they leave the room to have a private conversation in the bathroom.  I sit next to Rebecca in the scene so I'm sure I will be featured.  The class is left in confusion as to what is going on.  The snacks on the show ROCK!  At about 11am veggie lasagna and salads and regular lasagna were served and I got two helpings to fill up for the walk away lunch when I would be wandering around the Paramount lot enjoying the sunshine.  After lunch we finished the scene and then we had some down time while they figured out how to shoot the bathroom scene which was going to be a fight between the two girls and after we would all be brought in again for the ending scene when Jane returns bloody from the bathroom but back to teaching the class.  After sitting around for a few hours, it became apparent that this was going to be a long day.  This was the 2nd season of the show and they had just started shooting so things weren't running as smoothly and quickly as they would have liked.  (Side note: in November I discovered it was actually the 3rd Season of Hung I was working on.)  At 6pm more hot food came and I made myself a plate for dinner.  Then all of a sudden we were told that they wouldn't be getting to our last scene and that we were all going to be recalled next week to finish it!  Everyone was excited, especially this one cute black girl who reminded me of Jennifer Hudson.  She was going to be getting her third voucher by coming back one more time and had only been doing BG work for 2 months!  At one point on set, she had been talking loudly about blow jobs, hand jobs, rim jobs and she had no idea what a rim job was.  She found out all the white girls knew and she couldn't believe she was clueless.  One of the other girls told her to ask the 1st AD who got red in the face and told her to ask one of us.  Eventually back in holding I said I would tell her but I wasn't going to yell it out, so she came over and I whispered it to her in her ear.  We all started dieing laughing when we remembered her asking the 1st AD!  I really enjoyed the vibe on this show and was happy I would get to play with them again next week.  When I got home I went on Netflix to put Hung season 1 in my queue. :)


On Friday Ed, Zyla and I all went down to Disneyland to celebrate her good report card.  We decided to go later in the day to enjoy the night lights in the park.  I checked my phone on the tram ride over and noticed I had a missed called from Jeff Olans.  They left a message about working Private Practice Monday.  I called Jessica's to see if I could book out and did.  I called Jeff Olan's but by then the call was full, so I called Jessica's back to be available again.  I forgot how insanely crowded a Friday night would be and most of the rides had hour-long lines.  We got fast passes for Auto Topia and had some dinner while we waited.  I got a call from Jessica's booking me on Wonder Woman, a new SAG pilot, to play press.  Sounded like a cool gig, I was excited, except for it was shooting down in Irvine, call time 7:30am.  We enjoyed a bunch of the little rides Snow White, Pinocchio, the Carousel and rode Thunder Mountain and Jungle Cruise before we went over to check out the California side.  I had read about the Tron experience, but it was really cool stepping onto the back lot made over into a techo dance party.  Eventually we made our way to the back for the World of Color show.  Unfortunately the fast passes you need to see the show were all passed out by 2pm.  We somehow snuck into a viewing spot but Zyla couldn't see well and the show was half over.  We were then told to go to a white railing by Ariel's Grotto and found a spot up front so Zyla could see better.  The show was beautifully amazing I could sit and watch it over and over. 


All day Sunday we had torrential downpours with winds whipping up the Valley and flooding in the streets.  Zyla had to Alter Serve and we got soaked by the time we made it inside the church.  After she had a birthday party to get to at the bowling alley, which became a challenge as streetlights were out, parts of Ventura Blvd lost power.  Central called letting me know my call time got changed to 6am.  Lovely.  I got Zyla home from the party and got her ready for bed as I needed to crash out soon myself.  I had to get up at 2:30am to get ready to head down to Irvine in the rain that was still coming down hard.  I feared for my life driving down the 5 freeway in the wee morning hours.  I felt like I was in Florida again, just buckets of water being dumped on my car, loud pounding of the rain beating, darkness all around and just trying to stay focused on the taillights ahead of me.  I was tense because I have hydroplaned before in rainstorms in Southern Cally and so the hour drive exhausted me.  Thankfully there was hot food ready and waiting when I got shuttled to set and I felt a little better after I ate.  It had also miraculously stopped raining while we parked and made it to set.  Our holding tents were soaked and we were sent inside the building to stay warm and dry.  The scene took place in this vast room with glass windows showing off an amazing rainstorm all morning over this waterfall and lake motif beyond.  Wonder Woman was dressed in a fuscia skin tight mini dress with 5" heels, making her well over 6 feet tall.  We did the scene over and over, we had no breaks, we just kept listening to Wonder Woman tell us about the woman she was going to bring to justice and why she was so passionate about it.  Cary Elwes was there as part of Wonder Woman's team.  I thought it was cool since I'd just seen The Princess Bride recently with Zyla for the first time.  Lunch was called and we all went outside to eat, knowing that our scene was done and we should be leaving.  The rest of the day was going to be spent on some matching shots that I was not a part of.  I got my food just in time as there had been a small lull in the weather but the rain started to fall again.  After lunch they needed some people to stay, I didn't volunteer I was exhausted and had already been featured in the last scene sitting in the second row sort of behind one of the principal reporters who asked Wonder Woman a question.  Thankfully I was wrapped and shuttled back to my car and headed home.  I was so over tired I wanted to crash on my bed, but I got a call from Kids Management about Zyla working The Biggest Looser.  It was going to be a big group of kids playing, supposedly quick day.  I know it didn't compare to the Bones offer the week before, but I knew Zyla wanted to go to any set.  She told me her favorite thing about set is getting paid to do her school work, and of course meeting new friends, and having fun and good food and getting paid for it all!  She wanted to work the show, and Ed said he could take her if I was recalled for Hung that day, so I booked her on her 4th gig.  Then I called Jessica's and was told that my Hung gig was moved to the following Monday and I could book out to take Zyla to set!  I was excited to have another Mommy and Zyla day on set, but this time I would just watch.  I fell asleep and woke up over an hour later to find a message from Jessica's on my phone for a job the following day on Suburgatory.  I was playing an upper NY high class Country Club Patron.  We were shooting out in the middle of nowhere, this time West Lake Village on the border of Thousand Oaks off the 101 freeway.  The call time got pushed to 7:45am and I arrived early and had breakfast.  It was so cold my breath came out like steam, intermingling with everyone else's.  The show was a SAG pilot and there seemed to be a little disorder, or mismatch information.  After breakfast we were told to walk to the BG holding tent.  But only me and one other girl decided to listen.  We walked down where we were told but, some security told us that we were going the wrong way and to go back.  Then we tried a short cut through the loading dock but again were denied and then some other PA told us to just go back to where we had been.  When we did the guy who told us to leave was passing out vouchers!  So I said that we couldn't find the tent and were told to come back.  He gave us our vouchers and shuttled us to wardrobe.  I had everything approved and was given a sweater to add a layer.  Make up and Hair thought we looked great and we all went back to the tent.  This was the most amazing holding tent I ever saw.  It was a ballroom!  It had chandeliers!  I assumed it was the Four Seasons Hotel's Wedding Reception Tent.  There were big round tables and beautiful embroidered chairs.  The heaters were running and it was warm and toasty I was in heaven.  I sat down in a sunny patch and read some more of Incest by Anais Nin.  The AD's came in to take background to set and hair department walked by and decided I needed an up do.  So my hair was teased and pinned into place and I missed going to set with the first group.  But shortly after, everyone was brought in and I was placed to do a cross past the principals table.  Jeremy Sisco in the house.  I was so happy to see one of my favorite actors!  He kept walking past me and we made eye contact.  Then Michael Frisco was directing!  I love this guy!  Next, Jack from Dexter who took a picture of me with the Dexter syringe pen and never emailed it to me was there.  He said he lost my email, whatever.  Rebecca the scripty from BOT was there and we chatted for a while about what we'd been up to and this new show.  I felt at home and blessed to work with so many familiar faces.  We had a short day, only the one scene.  It was so much fun watching Jeremy act in a comedy when I was so use to him in dramas.  This show looked and felt like a winner, I hoped it got picked up.  I got a call from Jessica's saying the Hung matching recall shoot was going to be switched again to tomorrow.  I was happy for the work, but bummed out I couldn't take Zyla to set.  I called Ed to let him know he would be taking her.  We wrapped out after lunch and I spend the evening lining up Zyla's stuff for set while Ed was doing Parent/Teacher conferences at his school all evening.  My gig was easy since wardrobe had provided everything, but Zyla had to pack a suitcase of casual clothes for her day in Calabasas on The Biggest Looser's Ranch set. 


Wednesday I got up with Ed and Zyla to see them off.  My call time to Hung was pushed and I leisurely got ready after they left.  I drove over to Paramount and parked on the roof overlooking the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  It was a moody morning with rain threatening to break.  I walked onto the lot and made my way over to wardrobe.  Back in the same cute dress, I was then brought to Make-Up Department and some new guy who wasn't even here last week decided to change my make up.  I was like, it's a matching shot, and I did it the exact same way, but he decided to tone everyone's make up down, not that I had all the much on.  Whatever.  Thankfully our scene was the first up of the day and quite short.  Only one camera angle, with two cameras.  We got the scene done, Jane was fabulous as always and then some reaction shots from us girls and we were wrapped out in about 2 ½ hours.  Zyla was wrapped out early as well and we all got home around the same time.  I helped Zyla finish her homework while Ed grilled up some steaks for dinner.  Jessica's called with a gig for the following day on yet another pilot, this time an AFTRA one for CBS.  I was told it was some Untitled Medical Drama, but when I arrived to set the following day it was labeled The Doctor.  My call time was late afternoon but I was promised it wouldn't be a night shoot.


I woke up Thursday morning early and got ready for set.  I took Zyla to school and had to work in her school library for 2 hours putting books away and helping the 3rd and 4th graders find and check out books they wanted.  I got a text from Kids Management that they wanted Zyla back to Welcome to People for another day.  I called Ed and he said he could take her if it didn't work out that I could.  Then Zyla just happened to walk into the library and I asked her if she'd like to go back.  Yes, she wanted to be on set.  So I called and confirmed her for the movie, which would shoot in two weeks.  I left the school and went over to West Hollywood to see my friend Jason for brunch.  Since it was out of my way to go home and finish getting ready for set, I just did my make up at his place before heading to downtown LA.  The Doctor was shooting on location at the St. Vincent Medical Center on 3rd and Alvarado.  Same location I had worked The Defenders in January.  We were told to bring rain gear as it could possibly rain, but my category was nurse at the nurses' station desk, so I didn't think to worry about it knowing I would be inside.  This pilot felt really disorganized.  The signs to park led me into the parking lot of the hospital but then there was no one to tell me where to park or signs of where to go.  I parked in the first spot I found and then went out wandering around trying to find the crew.  I found some guys and they said base camp was down the block.  I walked down to what I thought was base camp, but it was really just catering.  I was told there that I needed to go up the street and across it to set.  I was also told I needed to move my car to the roof because that's the only place it would be secure.  I returned to my car and moved it and then walked over to set.  Once I got there, I found holding but I was told that I needed to go to base camp.  I was getting frustrated because I thought I had just been at base camp and they told me to come here.  In the confusion I ate some hot food that had been put out at crafty, pot stickers and called Ed.  Then I heard someone's walkie say they were checking in the 3:30pm BG and I said that's me, where are they checking in?  I ended up following the wardrobe girl back to the real base camp and waiting for 30 more minutes until someone finally came to check us in.  I got my voucher and then had to give the top copy to wardrobe for my scrubs, dark purple with a brown long sleeve shirt under, very cute.  Since I was sort of a head nurse I was given a cute little gold medical pin attached to my shirt.  As I walked away, I got a call from Central saying I was a no show and late and where was I, etc.  I went up to the 2nd AD and said what's going on, you gave me my voucher and now Central is calling saying I'm not here!  He said something about we are assigned numbers and the numbers were mixed up and it was a mix up.  A little while later Central called to apologize about the error.  Then we walked over to props and I received a badge and some pens and a stethoscope and clipboard and they took the second copy of my voucher.  I tried taking a picture of myself with my cell phone, which came out somewhat decent.  The rain clouds were starting to break and before completely getting rained on, we got in a van and were brought to catering.  Sitting in the tent we watched as the rain began to fall.  It started getting later and darker while the food for dinner was put out.  Crew call had been 11:30am so dinner should have been served at 5:30pm, but that came and went and we didn't get to eat.  Finally crew broke at 6pm and ate, then finally around 6:45pm we were allowed to go through the line as well.  Challenging since it was now raining, we dashed over to the pop up tents set up to cover all the food and quickly grabbed what we could and went back to the main tent.  The generator broke and we had to eat in darkness for most of the meal.  However someone got it fixed and we had light right as dinner ended and they wanted to bring us into set, to a warmer holding inside the hospital.  I quickly gathered my things and followed the 2nd AD to our next location.  Stepping into the hospital was nice and cozy and immediately the tension I had been holding in my shoulder and back from sitting in the cold relaxed.  But I felt my muscles were all knotted up and while on set I would try to do stretches.  I remembered to bring my charger and found an outlet for my phone.  I was pretty much brought to set for every set up.  They just kept reusing the nurses since there weren't enough.  I might be walking down the hall in one angle of a scene, then behind the desk in another.  The 1st AD seemed a bit extreme and stressed.  He was constantly yelling at us to be busy and do something, even when cameras were not rolling.  One of the real nurses from the hospital joined us to add some flavor and authenticity; he enjoyed being part of the show.  I basically did busy work behind the desk and we kept it moving.  We really had no breaks and it was a bit crazy.  Then I was chosen to help a patient BG get on a gurney and then help steer it down the hall backwards coming toward camera while the principals are kneeling on the floor crying in the middle of the hospital.  That was challenging.  They wanted us to have this perfect timing but with no cues.  Steering a gurney is harder than it looks, and the director wanted us to fish tail it down the hall so orderlies and nurses had to dodge us.  It was all quite amusing as the hours ticked by and by 1am everyone was feeling a little loopy.  Then they turned that shot around and wanted me in the nurses' station with my back to camera in a corner since I'd just been featured with the gurney.  I played with stuff in the cupboards and made notes and was so happy when they finally called it a wrap.  But the night didn't end there.  Instead of wrapping us out in the nice warm hospital, they walked us outside to deprop.  It had started to rain, or maybe it had never stopped, who knows because I had been inside the hospital all night.  We walked back to catering where the prop truck had moved to and there was one little pop up tarp tent set up for us to stand under and wait in the cold and rain for the prop guy to come.  20 minutes later he shows up and then can't find our vouchers he had taken.  We were all in overtime so it wasn't that big of a deal, but it was really late, and really cold and wet outside and we wanted to go home.  Finally he found them and didn't want to waist anymore time and said he trusted we would just all give back our props which we threw in a bin.  Then we hopped in the van and made our way back to base camp.  I should have changed my clothes inside the nice warm hospital.  Instead I had to go back into the changing tent in the dark to get out of the scrubs.  I returned my stuff to wardrobe and got my voucher back.  It was still raining and I could sit in the wet mud and try to write out my voucher in the rain or go back into the changing tent to fill it out.  I finally got in line to sign out and then back in a van waiting to be driven back to the hospital parking lot.  I got in the elevator, hit the top floor and ran back to my car at 2am as the rain started to come down harder.  Finally this day was over, and I was headed home.  The roads were flooding and I slowly made my way down the 101 back to Burbank.  Everyone was asleep when I got home and I had a glass of wine to relax before crashing out at 3:30am.  Thankfully Ed was able to get up and get Zyla off to school because I didn't wake up until 9:30am.  I was glad I wasn't recalled for the show again the next day.  I had called Jessica's to book out if I was not recalled because I needed a break.  This week had taken its toll on me and I was burned out and needed some serious down time. 


I napped Friday afternoon, having gotten less than 6 hours of sleep.  Zyla was Alter Serving for the Stations of the Cross service and we had to be there by 7pm.  As I was walking out the door I got a call from Jessica's asking if I would be interested in a regular stand-in job that would start in a week taking me through summer.  Yes, please get me the interview!  I was so excited, I had just been praying the other day, God I want a regular stand-in job.  We drove over to church early for Zyla and ended up sitting in the pews watching a tail end of a wedding rehearsal in progress.  I got a call from Jessica's saying I booked the interview for Monday.  I felt like the job was already mine I was just going through formality.  The weekend was dark and moody with storm clouds overhead.  I had grown really attached to Anais Nin from reading Incest and didn't want to let the book go.  It had been to a bunch of sets with me the past few weeks.  I went online to renew it and found out someone had placed a hold on it and I needed to return it immediately.  I had 80 pages left, so I read them and it broke my heart that I then had to drive it back to the library and let it go.  She really is an amazing authoress and I looked forward to reading more of her work.  Eat, Pray, Love was available for instant streaming on Netflix.  Having read the book 7 years ago in New York, I was looking forward to seeing Julia Roberts play the role.  Netflix froze up just under two hours in.  We needed to get to bed anyway, we were going to Disneyland early in the morning.  Woke up late because the alarm was set to pm not am, but still managed to get out of the house 35 minutes later than planned.  The weather report had been fluxuating and now it was 30% chance of rain in the morning at Disney.  My family does love dancing in the rain, so it was magical to walk into the Magic Kingdom and have a soft rain fall on us.  Every drop sparkled as it fell on Main Street.  We went straight to Thunder Mountain riding the train through the rain.  By 10am the sun broke free but a chill was still in the air.  The California Side had a bunch of changes done to it, and new construction in the back.  Didn't stop us from enjoying all the best rides!

Monday morning I woke up excited for my interview on The 9 Lives of Chloe King.  I took Zyla to school and went home to finish getting ready.  I headed out to CBS Radford and got onto the lot and parked.  It was a beautiful sunshiney day and I felt good.  I entered Bungalow 19 with de ja vue since the last time I had been here was to interview for that foot double job on Malcolm in the Middle!  The secretary told me to have a seat.  There was only one chair and I wondered where the other girls would sit.  I was glad I was early and first.  The 2nd AD met me and went to get the vouchers.  When he came back I glanced at the call sheet and it looked like 4 names were on it.  But when he looked through the vouchers and said the first names, it sounded as if the other interviews were for guys.  Could I have been the only girl brought in to interview?  Was this really formality like I had felt and I already pretty much had the job?  I was taken into the interview room and met the 1st AD.  She was really cool and we hit it off.  I gave her my stand-in resume and they told me about the show and what my job would entail and I told them about my prior experience.  It all went beautifully and I felt I had the gig.  The 2nd AD took pictures of my hands and face and I was sent on my way. 


The week was exceptionally warm and I enjoyed time with many of my friends during the days hiking and such.  When Wednesday afternoon rolled around I was having doubts about the stand in job.  I had watched the movie The Secret over the weekend and may have fantasized a bit too much about how easy it is to use the power of mind.  I called Jessica's and they found out from the casting director at Central that they didn't need me for 9 Lives, but would use me for something else.  That meant I wasn't going to the camera test and was back to available for work the following day.  Unfortunately I didn't book anything for Thursday or Friday either and was feeling a bit depressed by weeks end that I wasn't starting the full time stand in job.  My mom had come into town for a few days and we worked at Zyla's school in the library getting some service hours in.  I was happy to be able to spend some time with her. 

Jacqueline Nyahay~playing a Nurse
The Doctor on location St. Vincent Medical Center

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Edward editted a cute clip of all the scenes Zyla and I were in on the set of Wizards of Waverly Place!