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Keepin It Real ~ Chapter 5 by Jacqueline Nyahay

May 2011 ~

Jacqueline Nyahay~Victim of Vampires
True Blood on location @ Biltmore Hotel

The Last day of Easter break, we spent at Disneyland on the California Adventure side, enjoying all our favorite rides and getting wet on Grizzly Rapids as the temperatures had soared to the mid 80's and it felt like summer time, even though we were days into spring. 

Monday morning I woke at 4am to get ready for set.  I headed out to Californication, which was shooting on location in Pacoima.  Crew parking was at a Lowe's Hardware down the street from our location at Air Hollywood.  I felt like I had been to Air Hollywood on location before but for the life of me could not remember for what show.  I wasn't even sure I had actually worked there; I think I was wrapped out there after being out and about on location.  After racking my brain I finally realized it was 2 ½ years ago on the day I had worked The Office and shot the scene at LAX.  We had been driven back to Air Hollywood, which was base camp and had lunch before being shuttled back to our cars.  My category for Californication was airline passenger.  I had only played an airline passenger once before on Overnight out at the Santa Clarita Studios.  Air Hollywood was set up with a mock plane on an improv sound stage to shoot interior plane shots.  I was told to bring layers, that it was a NYC to LAX flight and could either be fall or spring.  Since I am SAG I was not required to bring options but I did along with my rolling carry-on suitcase.  Wardrobe did not seem happy with my options.  They were upset we were not told it was first class.  Meantime when we actually got on set, less than half the BG were in first class.  I guess she just felt like giving someone a hard time and I fell victim.  They ended up giving me a green scarf to wear.  I wasn't brought on set for the first set up, so I pulled out Fire by Anis Nin but only read a little bit as my eyes were burning from not enough sleep.  I sat with my eyes closed and tried to take a little nap in holding .  Catering was great and I had breakfast when I had first arrived.  We were told it would be a 12-hour day but we were only in 2 scenes, and considering this 2nd AD was new I think she just said that to keep us quiet.  We actually got wrapped out after 7 hours of work.  When I finally got to set, I sat down the row at the opposite window to where David Duchovny and the other principal actor were seated.  In the scene David is flirting and they end up joining the Mile High Club in the bathroom.  It was cool to see David again, considering I loved this show now and was a fan.  I couldn't believe it was already in its 5th season!  I had only seen the first two seasons on Netflix and found out the 3rd season was offered at Blockbuster but not Netflix.  Showtime must be making some deals with Blockbuster on the side.  Over the spring break I had discovered that my favorite Red Shoe Diaries episode was now playing instantly on my IMDB page.  I had watched it and enjoyed seeing David open and close the episode I starred in.  It was funny to me to then see him standing right next to me on this plane set as we got ready to film.  In the second scene I was put deep in the back of the plane since my first class seat was where the camera was placed.  I enjoyed talking with other BG telling stories of set and helping out this new girl that had just jumped into BG/SI after working for years in corporate America.  I beat Ed and Zyla home from school by minutes.   I had to call the Payroll Company for Welcome to People to complain again that Zyla had not received her direct deposit to her Coogan Account for working on that show.  They sent a check to her bank and it got lost in the mail.  It seemed like never ending drama to get this money into her account.  I was told they would overnight a check the following day and prayed this would resolve the ongoing 3-month issue. 

I had two days off, the temperatures were soaring and I went for an early morning hike.  As I was praying the rosary up the mountain I was lucky enough to observe a California Striped Racer slithering off the trail into the underbrush.  The last time I had hiked at Stough and seen a snake was a few months back when I almost stepped on a baby Rattler crossing my path!  I love nature. :)  The bank received the check from the payroll company and Zyla's Coogan account was credited.  Things seemed to be moving in a positive direction.  Jessica's List called me with a booking for Big Time Rush to play a business type.  I enjoyed seeing Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning, she is so funny and talented and I couldn't believe I waited so long to experience her.

Waking before my alarm set at 4:15am, I showered to get ready for set.  Driving over the hill into Hollywood in the early morning is always my favorite time.  Empty streets, quietly making my way to Paramount to park in the Lemongrove Lot.  The temperature was already on its way up and I got my pass and walked across the whole lot to Studio A.  I remembered that my friend Jason from BOT worked props on this show and I was happy to see him at crafty when I was getting some breakfast.  The scenes we were shooting were outside.  I was part of a small group of people who had escaped the building where a blob monster was lurking in the sewer pipes.  We were watching to see if the building would explode as the manager was reassuring us that there was no problem.  During some down time between scenes an 18-year-old BG came over to ask if anyone has ever told me I look like Cameron Diaz.  Yeah, I have heard that one.  Some of the BG had been pre-selected to be slimed.  Whoever was in charge took a large paintbrush and was slathering on the goo all over the guys faces and chests and hair.  It looked completely out of control, the goo was dripping into their mouths, it was intense.  Later I found out that he was reprimanded and he went easier on the girls and was replaced by the next day.  The director would shout out directions during action and everything seemed a little over the top.  It was fun, it was Nickelodeon, and I was happy to be wrapped after 6 hours with a recall for the following day. 

The following day was another early call.  Thankfully a matching shot so all I had to do was show up in the same outfit.  It was magically foggy driving past the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and I loved the chill in the air.  I was a half hour early and the first one to get to holding, so I pulled out Fire to read.  All the same faces from yesterday started trickling in, the same ones late yesterday were again.  We were shooting the interior scene to what had happened prior to yesterday's stuff.  This time we were inside the sound stage, which had an outdoor pool deck area and the interior to the buildings lobby.  More people got slimed and the director got mad since one girl had been really featured already yesterday not slimed outside and how would she then be slimed inside.  Continuity, we tried to help with it.  I reminded them that I had gotten a purple large purse from props but props never ended up bringing it to set, so I'll have no bag inside but run outside and I magically have one and a cup of coffee.  I'm sure no kids are going to be watching this show looking for all these minor errors, but if I watch it I'll notice.  I did get featured speaking to another gentleman when the ghost buster type crew comes barreling into the lobby area and it feels like an earthquake or tremors from the beast and we look about with fright exiting out to the pool area.  Then there were many takes of the mass exodus where all the BG, about 20 people are all running from different directions to exit out of this infested place away from the blob monster.  It was an entertaining day and I enjoyed all the conversations with new friends.  At 3pm we had walk away lunch.  Crew call had been almost an hour after we arrived and I heard we were going to be there at least 12 hours so I needed to find some food.  Jason joined me and we headed over to the commissary only to find it closed.  I couldn't believe a show would send us away on walk away lunch when the commissary wasn't open.  This had never happened before, I heard it was a rule if the commissary is closed they must provide a catered meal!  This show had a really low budget and our pay was the lowest AFTRA deal so what do you do.  Jason said he knew where we could go and we left the lot and headed to some place down the street.  He said they had worked until 11pm last night and it was looking like 2am for our shoot.  When I got back to holding I told everyone what I had heard about wrap time rumors.  Fortunately I was not in the shot right after lunch and then 20 minutes later I was one of 3 lucky ones to be wrapped early!  I left the lot excited to be able to avoid the Hollywood traffic and get home in time to spend dinner with my family. 

Saturday, Burbank was having a Centennial Celebration and all the authors were at the Book Festival held in the Buena Vista Branch library.  Among them was my husband who was lucky to get a corner table right by the entrance/exit and steady flow of interested readers.  Unlike the other authors who had more published works and professional posters and promo packets, Ed brought a rawer beat-esque feel to the event.  He really enjoyed meeting the other authors who embraced him and watching his books float around the festival in the hands of the many sales he made.  On Sunday we headed down to Disneyland early for Mother's Day.  The temperatures had dropped 20 degrees from the  week before and I wanted to get on all my favorite rides before the park became insanely crowded.  Little did we know we were stumbling into Bat Day at Disney.  I had never heard of this unofficial event in the park where Goth attire is allowed and encouraged.  I wish I had because I would have loved to dress up!  It normally does not fall on Mother's Day, just a fluke this year.  The costumes were amazing and I enjoyed the pageantry. 

I didn't expect much for May work wise.  I was happy for a couple days off to spend time with my sister for her birthday and attend Zyla's school class field trip.  At midnight on Wednesday I got a call from Rich King Casting.  Fortunately I sleep with the ringer off and was not disturbed, except for panicking when I woke to see a message which might mean I had missed a call from Jessica's for a late night booking and was meant to be on set somewhere at that moment!  Thankfully it was not an emergency, I was booked on a fitting for True Blood to play the mom of some principal girl.  I was going to be a bloody victim in a blood battle between the vampires and the humans!  I called back and left a message saying I was available for the fitting and then took Zyla to school.  While working in her school library, Casting called with my call time and direction to the fitting.  The Lot, I had never heard of it, but when I got direction to it, figured it must be the old WB Studio I had been to once before years ago.  I finished up in the library and went home to get ready then headed over the hill.  On the border of West Hollywood, I found my way into the parking structure off Santa Monica Blvd and parked.  The last time I was here was in the 90's, I came for a meeting about a part in a movie about Charles Manson, some hippie flower child flashback scene.  The project was canned and I had never been back until now.  I walked over to wardrobe about a half hour before my call time and was in and out so fast I left before my call time!  They photographed me in two different outfits, one a jean skirt and blouse, the other beige pants with a blouse.  My workdays were Monday and Tuesday of next week, I was excited.  On Friday, Ed was holding his 2nd Annual Film Festival at Crespi and Zyla and I showed up to watch all the best of the best students work.  My favorites were Battle Dream and Fast Car, but honestly there were so many great projects and the talent pouring out of this school was amazing.  Hung came in the mail from Netflix and Ed and I started watching Season 1 so I could catch up on what was happening to lead up to what I had shot for them in Season 2 a few months ago.  I really liked Jane's character and watching her perform.

Monday rolled around and I got up at 5am to get ready for set.  Since I was pre-fit I didn't have to worry about bringing anything with me to the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  What an amazing hotel so much luxury to look at, the artwork on the ceilings was beautiful and I felt lucky to be part of True Blood's 4th Season.  There were about 250 BG but it was comfortable in our spacious holding down in the underbelly of the hotel.  Toussaint checked me in and we both remembered each other from our FlashForward days.  I got some breakfast and headed up to wardrobe to change.  I ended up sitting at a table in holding next to one of the Barrel Girls from Dexter Season 5.  She was really cool and we had fun sharing set stories and such.  A P.A. came around telling people to go to set and when I was initially brought in to set, I reminded the 2nd AD, Aaron, that I was the mom of the little girl and since the kids were not being brought in yet, they sent me back to holding.  I read a little bit from Fire, had a conversation with the craft service guy about Henry Miller, and then was brought to set again.  This time they still weren't sure where I should be placed since the kids were still not brought to set, so I had to stand off to the side behind the camera operator of the big jib arm crane thing.  We were told that Anna Paquin who plays Sookie would be there but the only person I saw that I recognized from the show was Stephen Moyer who plays Bill.  He was at the front of the crowd making a speech when Sookie comes in.  Between takes Anna kept coming over to the camera operator to hang out and talk 2 feet from me.  I was so excited to see her, she is so cute and I am a huge fan!  Finally we were broke for lunch and I still hadn't worked, but was told my scene was after lunch.  Considering we were only shooting one scene today, I figured the camera angle that had been shooting from the back of the room did not see the kids or where we would be and that when the camera moved I would work.  While I was getting some salad Caitlin Carmichael came up to me and introduced herself as my daughter.  She said she recognized me from the production pictures she had seen!  I couldn't believe how much we looked alike!  Casting had told me that we were a perfect match and they were pushing for me to play her mom and I was happy it all worked out.  A lot of the crew from Dexter were working True Blood.  I saw the director, Romeo, running around giving directions and yet again he didn't recognized or remember me, just like on Dexter.  When we headed in to set after lunch the cameras had been turned around to face the audience and I was placed right in front.  The kids were brought in and Caitlin ran over to me all excited.  She had the cutest face and most bubbly fun personality.  She was a month shy of her 7th birthday but had been working since she was 3 years old!  She was a very outgoing, intelligent child and happy to be on set.  The guy standing next to me, Stemson, decided to be the father since we were in matching plaid and told Caitlin how he wanted a jib arm in his apartment to grab things.  She thought that sounded great and after hanging out with us she was giggling about wanting a robot arm with soft pillows on the claw part to get everything she desires.  She told me that we were shooting our scene of her crying over my dead body on Wednesday.  I wasn't sure what she was talking about since I had been told I was only working Mon/Tues.  After we got the scene done I exited the set and met Caitlin's real mom.  Later I saw them chatting with Stephen Moyer and I said hi to Caitlin while her mom was telling Stephen that I was playing Caitlin's mom in the scene.  We were shooting the end of episode 9 and the following day the Dorchester Hotel Ballroom scene would continue with more action and drama to start off episode 10.  All day we were told conflicting stories of how late we would be there, so everyone was happy when it ended up being on the earlier side and wrap was 7:30pm.  Not everyone was coming back the next day, so we were told to check the lines.  I hadn't received a call from Jessica's about my recall, so when I got home I called the line and it said everyone not coming back was told and that included the kids and the mom.  I called Jessica's to make sure this was right and that I wasn't needed the next day.  She called back to confirm that I was not on the call for Tuesday but was going back either Wednesday or Thursday or both days.  Ed grilled up some steak for me and I ate dinner and said prayers with Zyla as she headed off to bed.  I was happy to have the following day off to take care of some stuff for Zyla's school Carnival that was coming up at the end of the week. 

Caitlin had mentioned we would do the scene Wednesday, but again I received no call to return to set.  I was hoping they wouldn't forget about me and call me soon to come back.  I went for a hike in the rain and saw a bunch of bunnies that cheered me up.  That evening around 6pm Jessica's finally called saying I was on hold for True Blood for the next day, Thursday.  She then called back a few hours later with details.  It was an early afternoon call, meaning we would go into the night.  I got to set early and had some breakfast at 12:30pm.  Met Robin, another BG, who just got into it all a few months ago.  She had worked The Biggest Looser with her son the same day Zyla was there so I was telling her how the episode just aired the night before and was up on hulu.  Zyla and I had watched it right before coming to set and it was exciting seeing my little girl on the show.  I had also been perusing the Internet to find some old footage of mine from the episode of California Dreams I did.  I never had seen it and had no idea what episode I was in, just the season.  After watching tons of clips I finally found my episode and posted the link to my imdb page.  I showed Zyla as well, and she thought I looked cute when I was 20 years old!  When it was time to check in, I got my voucher and wardrobe.  Everyone who had been working the past two days got all bloodied up to match what they had looked like.  I was told to wait until set to see what the director had in mind for me.  Whatever was being shot didn't require BG so we hung out in holding having lively conversations until Toussaint came to get me for the private rehearsal.  I was brought to set and put in the cell phone booth where the little girl, Caitlin, playing my daughter would find my body.  I was given sides and watched the rehearsal between Anna, Stephen, and Alexander who plays Eric.  Fiona/Marnie, Jessica/Nan, Dean/Roy, Damion/Duprez, and Annie/Kirsch were all in the ballroom scene as well.  It was awesome watching all the key players work out the scene step by step with the director.  Sunday, the 1st AD from Dexter was there this time with the new director for this episode.  I also recognized some of the camera operators from Dexter as well.  For the wide shot they decided not to bring in Caitlin but they did bloody me up and Lesli the director came over to introduce herself and showed me where she wanted me to lie down.  When it came time for Caitlin to come to set to line up her shot, she was not at all disturbed by the blood on everyone.  She told us she had been cover head to toe in blood on a previous set!  She was so incredibly professional and did an awesome job.  Her real mom kept coming in to coach her for the real tears to pour out and she delivered.  It was so heartbreaking hearing her cry for me to wake up, I almost started crying myself.  The second the director called cut, she was laughing and smiling again.  After that she was wrapped but my body was still left on the floor.  I was told that they were just seeing a piece of me but not too much since Caitlin was no longer there.  Caitlin did come back into set to give me a hug good bye and thank me for playing her mommy.  I told her she was brilliant and I would play her mom anytime.  Cameras were moved to different angles and between takes I would roll over on my back and stare up at the ceiling.  It was covered in seraphs, nymphs, and stars.  I looked around the room at all the other actors lying all over the ballroom floor.  At Anna/Sookie on her mark getting ready for her close-up.  Robin who was lying close by crawled over to ask if I was tired of the floor yet.  After 3 days of doing it, most of the other BG had bruises on their bodies; some had to dive/hit the floor in the initial shooting of the scene on Tuesday.  It wasn't bothering me yet, I was just getting comfortable.  Then she asked if anyone had ever told me I look like Cameron Diaz.  I said only when I am on set.  At about 12:20am, Aaron the 2nd AD came to tell me I was wrapped and I headed to wardrobe to get the blood washed off.  It was super sticky!  It had actually adhered to the clothing and made it stick to my arm, since I had blood all over my arms as well as my face.  After getting cleaned up I headed down to holding to get my things and change my clothes.  Finally got my voucher signed and said good night to Toussaint and headed home. 

The weekend brought with it Zyla's School Carnival and we spent most of our time there, since it is required for parents to work 10 hours at the festival and Zyla wanted to enjoy all the rides with her friends.  By the time the weekend was over I needed a vacation.  Thankfully the kids were off Monday so the carnival could be cleaned out of the school grounds, so Zyla and I slept in.  Tuesday I got a rush call from Jessica's List for an interview at Universal to photo double Jennifer Aniston.  I rushed over to the lot and waited for a van to take me to set.  I was early and since there were no signs, I asked the van driver if he was going to Wanderlust.  He said yes.  I got in and he took me up to set which was the furthest thing away from where we were.  They were shooting outside in the far back of the lot in some meadow.  Supposedly some hippie scene, complete with Indian tepee and all.  The driver said that it wasn't on the call sheet that anyone was coming in for the interview.  I said it was a last minute thing.  He told me Wanderlust was shot out of state, but that they were shooting for 4 days on the lot some reshoots.  I was told to wait under a black pop up tent in the field and someone would come with my voucher.  I overheard the PA saying 2 of the 3 girls for the interview were here.  The other girl for the interview came over to the pop up tent and we waited about 45 minutes.  Then another girl showed up and the 1st AD brought us over to set, but they were rolling so we stood waiting, watching the scene.  As soon as they yelled cut, the 1st AD told us that we were done and they chose some other girl that had just shown up and was standing off to the side.  The whole thing was really bizarre.  I felt like it was a set up.  He told us it was all about hair and skin color.  Meantime, I wanted to know when had we been judged???  And who was this girl that just showed up out of the blue off to the side?  I think they were going with her all along and just brought us in as a rush call to make it legit that an interview was held, whatever.  We were given our vouchers and signed out and vanned back to the parking structure.  I had finished Fire and wanted more Anais.  I read online that there was yet another sequel to the unedited version of her diaries and found it at the Glendale library.  I was excited to continue reading about life in the 1930's for Anais in Nearer the Moon.  Meantime I had watched a great film called Beat on Netflix instant about William Burrough's life and how he killed his wife, played by Courtney Love.  These were my two favorite things this year, the Beats and Anais Nin.

I went for a hike in my local Burbank mountains and came across another baby rattler.  He was so cute slithering across the trail and then when he sensed me watching, curled up into strike position, but with his head resting on his body like he was sleeping.  A group of children were on their way up the mountain and I stood by in case they came to let them know, but they didn't come up that far.  Got a call from Jessica's List about a gig for the following day on Seeking A Friend For the End of the World.  It was the new Steve Carel/Keira Knightley movie.  We were shooting out at in Malibu at the Leo Carrillo State Beach.  My call time was 10am.  I was supposed to be in some scene where a priest is baptizing babies in the ocean.  When I showed up, we were told they already shot that scene with the BG who came at 7:30am.  I went through wardrobe and they liked my outfit but wanted to use their vintage clothes they had brought and since I was small and could fit into the dresses, they put me in an orange one.  It buttoned up the front and one button was missing toward the bottom, no big deal.  Gave me a big floppy sun hat and with my blanket, I was vanned to the set.  It was a bit windy and my dress blew open as another button went missing.  I thankfully had a safety pin and was able to get it closed.  They decided not to use me for the shot and then we broke for lunch.  I saw Steve a few times between takes, he looked better than last year when I had worked his Crazy, Stupid, Love movie.  He looked like he was going for a David Duchovny-esque thing, which I was totally into.  I was starving since there was no breakfast when I got there and crafty was a sad state of affairs.  At lunch, a pasta bar was set up and I chose chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers to be tossed in white wine with garlic and olive oil.  Then fettuccini in alfredo sauce with some parmesan cheese and basil made for a yummy meal.  But then there was also meatloaf and mashed potatoes, so I had that too.  After lunch we headed back out to the beach and I found my missing button as I stepped into the shuttle van.  I pinned it to a safety pin and gave it back to wardrobe at the end of the day.  On the beach I laid out my blanket and the scene was just everyone enjoying the last moments of their life.  We finished fairly fast and headed back to holding, thinking maybe we might be wrapped.  Thought wrong.  A PA came to tell us there were no more beach scenes but now they were moving up the hill on the road to a scene where we are all walking down the path to the beach, when Steve's car crashes.  In the first set up they wanted BG to look like they were helping push the car.  I was brought up to set, but not used.  I was waiting for the scene to finish and then three of us BG who weren't used were told get in the van.  Unfortunately it wasn't the right van and we ended up sitting with the principals.  Steve got in and sat in front of me.  The van took us back to their trailers and I got out with the other BG and we walked back down the parking lot to our BG holding.  One girl who got out didn't even realize we were in the van with Steve and when he offered her his hand to help her out, she had no clue and felt stupid when we told her what had just happened!  Back at holding we were told that all BG were suppose to be back up at set so we got in another van and went back up to set.  It was starting to get chillier and windier up on the hillside and I was hoping no more buttons would fly off my vintage dress.  I stood in the line to go down to the beach for our baptisms.  I was given an 11-year-old boy to be my son in line.  Steve showed up to set with Keira.  They walk right next to me during most of the short little scene down the hill.  Keira looked so cute in her short hair do!  I almost didn't recognize her, they had played down her make up to barely any, but when she spoke it was obviously her.  We had been told wrap would probably be at 6pm, but as the sun when down and we kept shooting and having to hold for cars to go through since we were blocking a main road, that didn't happen.  Think warm thoughts was chanted to us by the PA's, and AD's as the wind really started whipping up around us.  7:30pm we finally got done and I got in my car for the hour and a half drive back to Burbank.  An accident on PCH held up traffic.  A car was completely turned on its side smashed into a telephone pole that was bending over PCH about to fall!  What a mess, I made it through and got home safely.

Friday, kick started the holiday weekend and I got a text from Kids Management with a possible job for Zyla.  I had to email a picture of her in her gymnastic outfit to submit for a commercial.  I called in and asked if I could email the picture in one hour since I had to pick her up from school and take the picture.  They said that was fine.  I quickly got Zyla out early from school and drove her home to take the picture.  For some reason her camera did not take as clear or sharp of pictures as before.  It was a full body shot they wanted so I had to stand far back from her to get her whole body in.  We had used this camera before to shoot her medium close up shot for Kids Management and that picture had turned out great, but these were blurry.  There was nothing I could do about it, the hour was up and I had to email something so I sent them in.  They looked fine in the email, but to open them to enlarged size, they were blurry.  Meantime, just in case she got booked, I had to book out of Jessica's for the 2 day shoot.  Kids Management's message had said they would know by the end of the day, but when I called in they said they could call anytime over the weekend.  By Saturday, I was pretty sure Zyla did not get the job when no call came.  She went to gymnastics to work on her Flip Festival routine.  Sunday we headed down to Disney to an advanced screening of the new and improved Star Tours ride that I had won tickets to.  We could not actually get on the ride until 4pm, so we went on some other rides then left the park for the Downtown Disney AMC to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  For the length of this movie, it was amazing how fast it flew by.  I was never bored and loved this new chapter in the life of Jack Sparrow.  We took the monorail back into the park and got our fast passes for Star Tours.  There was a line almost out the door, but lots of things to look at and new updated entertainment filled our vision making the line wait go by quickly.  At the turnstile we picked up 3-D glasses.  Our first flight was awesome!  Ed was randomly picked as the Rebel Spy on board and Princess Leia came to tell us to keep him safe.  The dirt race through the desert and the outer space adventure were fun and we walked out happy.  We were told that we could come back to get fast passes every half hour.  I had some fast passes for Space Mountain I had picked up earlier so we went on that to kill some time then back to Star Tours.  This time there was barely any line, we walked straight onto the ride.  Went to a different room and the ride had completely changed!  This time Darth Vader came and we went to outer space then to a planet and under the water.  It ended with a very 3D effect of another spacecraft shooting into ours.  This one was the best ride ever and everyone was clapping.  After that, I asked how many versions of the ride are there?  I was told there are 54 different combinations.  We exited the ride and went to get another fast pass.  This time we ended up back in the original room we had first been in.  And the basics of the ride were the same, it was the desert race, then some outer space.  It was ok, but I liked the underwater one better.  So right before we left we got another fast pass to go again.  We ended up in the same room as the underwater ride had been and I was excited to see it again.  Unfortunately, however the computer mixes it all up, we ended up seeing the same desert race and outer space scenario, but the beginning was Darth Vader.  The holograms always changed, we saw Leia, Yoda and some other hooded alien type from the Rebel Alliance.  C3PO was driving and R2D2 was still co-piloting.  I enjoyed this updated version very much.

Memorial Day was here.  Ed, Zyla and I went to our friends BBQ and even though I knew Zyla had not gotten the job, all the agencies were closed so I could not book back in for work the next day.  Considering Zyla had her Oratorical Faire on Wednesday that I wanted to film for her website, I decided to keep things the way they were and not book back in.


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