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Keepin It Real ~ Chapter 11 by Jacqueline Nyahay

November 2011 ~

The following day Zyla had no school and I booked out to stay home with her.  We slept in really late, and after making a big breakfast for us, I took her to the library to get her new reading book as well as the next Anais diary for me.  When Ed came home from work we drove down to Disneyland for dinner.  It was amazing how empty the parks were, I felt like it was my own private playground.  We had dinner on the California side by the water on the wharf watching the sunset while the carnival atmosphere lit up the park.  Rode Screamin', Goofy's Flight School and Ariel, where I pulled out the Halloween candy Zyla had wanted me to bring.  Tasty treats were enjoyed by all.  We walked over to the Disneyland side for Jack's Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain 3x in a row, reminiscent of the nights I would come to Disney with my family as a child when my father's employer rented out the park, I always felt like we owned it.  The Indiana Jones ride broke down just as we were seated in the car, but after a 10-minute delay the ride was working again with our car being the first to test it.  I saw new ghostly faces and skeletons pop out wondering if it was just for Halloween or the little touches you sometimes find added to rides that I think Disney does as a courtesy to annual members who like to discover secret new things. 


Jessica's did not call me with a gig on The Day of the Dead.  I thought about last year in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  It was a beautiful day, I needed to be in the woods.  As I was walking out the door Jessica's called saying Whitney needed me back a day early to run lines.  I said my rosary as I hiked up Stough Canyon thankful for all my blessings.  Later in the day Jessica's called again to say I was pulled off Whitney and needed to stand in on The Mentalist instead. 


Thursday morning I dropped Zyla at school before getting ready for set.  I had an early afternoon call time over at Warner Brothers Studios.  Mentalist is usually a walk away lunch so I ate something at home before heading over to the stages.  I checked in and found out the scene I was needed for wouldn't be up for at least an hour or two.  I hung out on the stage in the CBI set reading Anais Sixth Volume of her Diary.  Conor came up and introduced himself then remembered I had stood in here before and met him last time.  Rachael, Diane and Sean the other regular stand ins on the show welcomed me back.  Wardrobe brought me my color cover, a beige button up sweater.  Around 2:30pm   everyone exited the stages to go on location down the lot behind the water tower to Ike Ryan's on NY Street for the scene inside Maloney's Bar.  I happened to walk right past I Hate My Teenage Daughter and texted Amber to see if she was inside working.  Everyone watched the rehearsal then started working on setting up the cameras and lights.  Amber called me saying she had just been wrapped but I was still busy standing in for The Believer played by Susannah Hillard.  Amber wanted to meet me to check out the Warner Brothers Museum she had told me about, but had to go.  I was broken for lunch a half hour later and grabbed some food before going over to the museum.  The meal was catered because the network was showing a special screening of episode 407 that Simon Baker had directed.   The museum was amazing, the entire second floor dedicated to Harry Potter.  I also loved on the first floor, the life size costume of Where the Wild Things Are and the Tim Burton Corpse Bride scene.  I returned to set, did my thing watching takes, standing or in this case sitting in and giving Sean, who stands in for Patrick, a hug.  Jessica's called with my call time for Whitney the following day 9am.  We wrapped out a few minutes after a straight 8 and I was home before 10pm. 


Woke up early to get ready for set before dropping Zyla at school.  Got to CBS Radford a bit early and read some more of Anais Diary.  The new episode of Whitney was really funny, Whitney in therapy, Roxanne with her needle.  The rehearsals went smoothly.  Our guest star on this episode was Chelsea Handler whom I was standing in for as well.  The new crew list came out and none of the stand ins were on it.  I asked Todd what had happened to the list I handed him a month ago.  It was brought up to production but then they were told by some higher ups not to put the stand ins on the list.  Everyone thought it was really strange since stand ins are usually on the crew list.  Joe said he would look into it and Todd said we might only be added to the last crew list.  Antar did not need to use us for lighting after the network run through so I was signed out and headed down the street to pick up Zyla before heading home to get my chill on and start the weekend. 


I found Dexter season 6 episodes 1-5 available on isohunt.com but after a couple hours of downloading the huge file to my computer, episode 3 was not working which was the next one we needed to see.  Ed and I decided to just skip it and watch episodes 4 and 5, which show a recap of previous episodes, and enough information that we could continue with the season.  I really enjoyed the End of the World twist into the season; Revelations was my favorite book of the Bible growing up as a child.  Saturday the next disk of Glee came and we ended up watching an episode before I took Zyla to gymnastics.  That afternoon I went to drop off some books at the library and on my way home was rear-ended by some kid in his parents Lexus.  His insurance sounded shady and I was hoping it wouldn't be an issue to have my car fixed by them.  Then that evening we went to Mass and Zyla Alter Served with two of her friends from school.  As we headed to our car in the parking lot we were almost run over by an elderly driver pulling out of his parking space.  Apparently he said he was not looking behind his vehicle, only to the left, right and front.  After what felt like two attempts on my life in one day we decided Sunday would be mellow, with the rain falling outside the window, we curled up and watched a new family show Make It or Break It


Monday it was time to head back to Whitney.  I was glad the weird energy weekend was over.  I dropped Zyla at school then headed home to finish getting ready for my late morning call time.  Before I arrived a reshoot of a scene from the 'Clarence' episode was shot and the dog brought back in.  When I showed up a bunch of BG were brought in to do the Engagement Party scene in a beautiful bar of chandeliers and exposed brick.  After that they were wrapped and the stand ins stayed to finish the camera blocking for the remainder of the episode.  Allison the on set PA came up and told me she had seen me on Hung.  I wanted to get the third season from Netflix so I could see too.  On our walk- away lunch I went to move my car from the far lot to the closer one, then relax and read from Anais Diary.  I wasn't hungry since our craft serves had brought in sloppy joes and salad.  As the afternoon wore on, my girl Rhea/Roxanne finished her scenes and wanted to go home.  She had been used on Friday to run Chelsea's lines for the Tag scene since Zoe was acting in that scene.  In the other 3 scenes in the psychiatrist office Zoe had been standing in for Chelsea to run lines with Whitney and Chris.  But since it was the last thing of the night to do, they let Rhea go home and asked me to stand in for Chelsea and run her lines with 1st team Zoe/Lily and Maulik/Neal who were in it.  One take, we nailed it, and Andy our director called it a wrap for the night.  Ryan had told me that the Two Broke Guys episode had aired last week so I went on NBC.com and found it to watch.  It had funny moments, like when Chris/Alex is drunk in bed, but I still liked the Halloween episode best. 


Tuesday morning I brought Zyla to school then came home to finish watching The Rite, which I had started Sunday night and not finished.  Brilliant acting, loved this exorcist movie.  I called on the insurance company to try to line up when they would inspect my car.  Showered and hurried out the door to set having breakfast there, potatoes and an egg, cheese, bacon croissant sandwich.  Not much to do but watch the camera refresh which is all the actors rehearsing the scenes again one last time before showtime that evening.  Rhea came on set announcing that the show had been nominated for a People's Choice award for best new show!  Everyone was excited.  Chelsea Handler showed up to run her lines and blocking.  Allison told me that I might be called in to run lines if other guest stars did not show up on Wednesday's or Thursday's.  I said that was not a problem that I was always available for the Whitney show.  The stand ins were wrapped out really early and I was able to pick Zyla up from school on my way home for the night.


Wednesday I got a few service hours in at Zyla's school helping assemble the school directory.  I spoke with the insurance company regarding the accident and was told that the kid who hit me still had not given his statement and may not have had permission to drive his parents car.  They told me they would call back when they got his information. 

Jessica's called saying that Whitney wanted me the following day to run lines.  Then two hours later they called to say it was cancelled.  This was the second week in a row this had happened.  I had been told the producers, executives, etc did not like having Allison or the 1st AD running the lines with 1st Team when guest stars were not available to come in, they were suppose to start using the stand ins.  Thankfully I was not booked on something else, because I was needed back at Zyla's school to put in some more service hours working in the library on Thursday since the regular girls were all out sick. 


After working the library on Thursday I started feeling a tingle in my throat and wondered if I had not caught it too.  I went home and took a bunch of Vitamin C, did some grocery shopping then napped until I needed to pick up Zyla from school.  Dropped Zyla at her gymnastics, then came home to watch Room in Rome, wonderfully acted, beautifully shot movie.  On my way to pick up Zyla, Jessica's called with my call time for Whitney on Friday.  I was the only one in my house waking up early tomorrow to go to work.  Veteran's Day meant Zyla and Ed had the day off.


I woke up around 4:30am with a soar throat and downed a bunch of Vitamin C.  I tried to sleep a little longer before getting up to get ready for set.  I left my sleeping family and headed over to CBS Radford.  The day was moody, looked like rain.  It was suppose to rain all weekend and I planned to stay inside and kick this flu.  Everything went smoothly at set.  I asked Allison what happen yesterday and why I was pulled from being brought in.  She told me Alex made herself available, that it was politics, but they were planning to rotate the stand ins so that everyone got a turn at an extra day of work.  Ryan had come in the previous day as well.  We had two girls and two guys guest starring on the show, more like day playing on the show, since they were all in about one scene each with a few lines and not known name actors.  The network was not even bringing them in to rehearse until next week.  Alex and Ryan got to run all the guest stars lines and blocking on the sets with 1st Team then for the network run through.  Fred Savage was directing, which was odd since Andy was listed to direct.  It was such a trip seeing Fred, I am a big fan of The Wonder Years, and his voice was still the same.  He had a lot of fun directing the Whitney actors and I left set at the end of the day in a good mood.  When I got home, Andrew, our friend had stopped by to visit.  He shared some delicious desserts with us.  Ordered up some pizza and watched the Whitney episode I had missed the night before.  Jessica's called with my call time for Monday.  After taking some more Vitamin C, I crashed out early feeling the effects of the flu hit me.  Took some Nyquil to reverse the stuffy head feeling that was coming over me.


Saturday morning I woke up feeling a bit better.  I no longer had a soar throat, but felt lazy, in that half sick sort of way.  The rain softly fell outside my bedroom window.  I gathered my family around me to snuggle in together to watch Make It or Break It before Zyla had to go to her gymnastic class.  I napped most of the day while Ed was at his friends working on his music.  That evening we all watched Season of the Witch, which we all really enjoyed.  Sunday morning Ed woke up feeling sick, so we spent another lazy day in our pajamas taking it easy around the house.  My friend had suggested a new series called Once Upon a Time, which I found on ABC.com.  What a wonderful family show, we watched the first three episodes that were online.  I loved the creative back-story to fairytales we had grown up with.  The costuming, set design and directing were beautiful. 


Monday morning I got ready for Whitney feeling much better, just a slight cough but otherwise ok.  Ed stayed home sick and I took Zyla to school.  The early morning pre-shoots that were shot on location outside the stages on the lot were ahead of schedule and when I showed up a half hour early Ryan told me they were ready for me now so I hurried inside to work.  He and Robson had been told to come back in 6 hours, as they would not be needed until then.  Alex and Tiffany came to set right as we were starting the rehearsal to the bridal shop scenes.  The day went smoothly.  Fred Savage did not seem big on using stand ins so I barely did any work.  I stood in for the day player Annie Korzen who was playing Edith.  Rhea was not working since they would not be getting to any of her scenes today.  Whitney was excited about the new NBC line up for January.  Her show was scheduled to move to Wednesday nights at 8pm, taking over the Up All Night time slot, and that show had been flipped to Whitney's old time slot.  Whitney would now be back to back with Chelsea's show and everyone was expecting much better ratings in this new time slot.  The show was rated number one in its time slot as it was, but the networks knew it could do better.  Lunch was catered, a nice surprise treat for a Monday.  Then the writer of the episode we were shooting ‘Faking It' bought a coffee truck for everyone and I enjoyed a Caramel Latte.  Around 3pm the AD's realized they needed a BG guy for the pre-shoot scene in the cake shop but had wrapped everyone from the early morning outside shoot.  They wanted to use Robson to play as a young couple shopping for their wedding plans, but he was not back yet from the 6-hour break they gave him.  Matt was available and had not worked all day, so he was given some wardrobe and thrown into the scene.  Ryan and Robson came back just before 4pm in time to enjoy the coffee truck and have a bit of down time until their scenes were up.  Matt was wrapped out, his actor Dan wasn't even here today either and it was not clear why he had been brought in at all.  I was wrapped after Edith's scenes were done getting home a little after 5pm.  Jessica's called me with my call time for Tuesday.  Zyla was finishing up dinner and homework.  Ed and I watched Who's the Caboose? with Sarah Silverman.  An old movie from the 90's that made me remember why I hate auditions and the whole acting scene and thankful I found my nitch in stand in and do not have to go through all that b.s. anymore.  I thought it was funny that the show pretty much set up what Sarah did in the future with her own show and the irony of the one actor being the star of Bachelor Pad, which did not exist when this movie was made, but came into fruition over a decade later. 


Tuesday morning Ed was feeling much better and headed into work.  I dropped Zyla at school then came home to get ready for show day.  I had a feeling Fred would not keep the stand ins for the audience portion of the show and assumed it would be a quick short day.  I had a dream last night that my call in service offered me another stand in job on a one-hour drama that would be 5 days of work a week.  I would be sad to leave Whitney because I have so much fun there, but obviously I was not making the kind of money I could, especially since our hours had been cut on show nights and only working 3 days a week.  I woke up wondering if this was a premonition.  I let it go to just enjoy the moments I was blessed with and the people who shared my life on the Whitney set.  Whatever was meant to be would be.  I called the insurance company of the kid who hit me to find out what was going on.  He still had not contacted them to give his statement, they told me he had 40 days to do it.  I drove over to the lot, which had become crowded again with parking.  Made it to the stages grabbing some breakfast before settling into my corner of the audience section.  There were 70 BG sitting in the stands.  We had multiple scenes needing BG artists, it was a crazy episode.  The most additional sets built for one episode.  Fred did not use the stand ins, preferring to just work with 1st team and give them more rehearsal time.  I was in and out in 4 hours.  The AD's knew it would be a crazy show night and there was every possibility we would need to reshoot some scenes after the audience left, but knowing Fred's pattern of just using the 1st Team they decided to let us go early.  I picked up Zyla from school on my way home.  She got to work on her homework then we all walked down to Granada's for dinner.  The last disk of Glee had come in the mail so we watched an episode of that before sending Zyla to bed. 


Wednesday morning my friend Joleen called saying she could come with me to the screening of Albert Nobbs.  I felt like my email box was being showered in invites to screenings of all the movies up for nominations and I had not been able to attend any of them thus far.  After getting Zyla to school I went for a hike at Stough praying my rosary as I walked up the trail.  At the top I found some women doing yoga meditations.  I thanked God for my many blessings, for love and light to guide my step and made my way back down to my car.  After picking Zyla up from school, helping her with her homework and making dinner, Joleen called to say she was leaving work and heading to the screening.  I met her at the Sherman Oaks Galleria where the screening was being held in the ArcLight Cinema.  Most of the screenings were in Hollywood, so I was happy to attend something a little closer to home.  We were about an hour early for the show, so after checking in, we headed down to the El Torito lounge for Happy Hour.  It was wonderful spending some time with Joleen whom I hadn't seen in what felt like forever.  We almost lost track of time, but managed to get into the theatre and find seats 5 minutes before start time.  I had been told the cool thing about ArcLight was they served alcohol, but when Joleen went to the Café to order some drinks she was told we could not have them in the theatre.  I was very disappointed at this misconception about ArcLight.  Glenn Close was simply amazing, brilliant.  The movie is a period piece set in Ireland and her acting captivated me, really everything was perfection.  From all aspects, the actors, the costumes, the lighting, the directing, I was definitely voting for this movie.  We both agreed it was better than we had imagined.  I kissed her good night and headed home.


I never got a call from Jessica's about possibly coming into Whitney for Thursday.  I decided to start posting my memoir story on my website.  It was going to be a big job since the story was so much longer this year than previously.  I decided to cut it up into chapters to make it easier to manage.


Jessica's called and I was back to Whitney on Friday.  There was only one guest star/day player with two lines for the latest episode so that is why none of the stand ins had been brought in on the Thursday.  The new episode was entitled ‘Private Parts'.  It was all about masterbating, my kind of show!  It was a really funny episode and every time they made me laugh I ended up in a coughing fit since I was still recovering from the flu.  We had a short day watching the rehearsals and network run through, then wrapping out in time for me to grab up Zyla from school and start the weekend.  My friend Jason had texted about a Holiday Tree Trimming Party he was having on Saturday, which sounded like fun.  I had originally planned to attend his one man act show he had been scheduled to perform this weekend at the same Mexican restaurant underground theatre he had taken me to last June to see Invincible, The Legend of Billy Jean, but due to a death in his family rehearsals had been cancelled and the show would not be ready in time and was rescheduled for a later date.  Ed got home and we all went out to dinner at Mimi's then watched the latest Whitney episode ‘Clarence' that had just been posted to NBC.com.


Saturday, Ed and I watched Imagination while Zyla was at the gym.  I really enjoyed this arthouse trippy movie on instant from Netflix.  Went grocery shopping, had lunch, did some laundry then got ready to go out to my friend Jason's party.  It had been a cold, dreary day that turned into light rain.  I drove over to his house in West Hollywood and could find no parking.  After half an hour I almost turned around and drove home, but found a spot.  I enjoyed meeting new friends of his and coming together as a team to decorate his place for the holidays.  We took a field trip in the rain walking down to Thrifty to get hooks for the bulbs and candy canes.  Everyone I met was really delightful and I had so much fun.


Sunday we were planning to go to Disney, but it was totally raining and crazy windy outside.  We decided to just bundle in and watch some Make It or Break It episodes on Netflix instead.  Ed made a big steak and egg breakfast, very tasty.  At 12:30pm we headed over to church for Mass and could barely get out of the car, the streets were all flooded.  I am glad we made it to the 1pm Mass because it ended with the Blessed Sacrament being brought out and marched around the church and into the Mary Chapel to start the 40 hours of Exposition.  The rain had slowed down to a light sprinkle as we exited the church and made our way home. 


Monday morning I dropped Zyla at school and headed straight to the studio for my early call time on Whitney.  We were pre-shooting a big apartment/loft scene in Lily and Neal's new place.  I loved their set home; the art department did a fabulous job.  The first thing up was a Girls Gone Wild scene.  It was supposed to be a scene on a video Whitney  made back when she was 21 years old and drank too much at Mardi Gras.  This is NBC and I did not expect any nudity when the girls are supposed to flash the camera.  The guest star/day player Natalie Cohen was playing the Busty Girl and I stood in for her in the set up of this scene.  Alex and I ran the scene for the BG to figure out what they would be doing when 1st team showed up to set.  While watching the first take, Natalie pulls up her shirt to show her boobs for beads and she was wearing a skin colored tube top.  When Whitney pulled up her shirt to flash the camera she was wearing clear skin color pasties.  I think she felt a bit more vulnerable in them and I wasn't sure why she didn't have a tube top on as well.  She also was taken aback by all the BG since the last time she did a nude type scene in the shower with Chris they had both had on skin color spanks type stuff and there were no BG, it had felt more private.  She powered through it and the scene looked great.  The day went smoothly and the writer of this episode bought everyone Chicago style pizzas.  On the walk away lunch I was full from all the food we had on set, so I moved my car to the parking structure since I had to park it along the river in the morning and did not like leaving it there.  I read some more of Anais Diary before heading back into the stages.  Rhea was wrapped early, which meant they wrapped me out too.  7 ½ hour day, not bad.  I got home in time to help Zyla study for her big science test the following day, then watched a show with Ed before crashing out for the night. 


Tuesday I had to be on set by 10:30am.  We camera blocked the last two scenes we needed to get then the refresh happened.  It was looking like it would be a quick short day; everything had been pulled up an hour to accommodate some of the higher ups leaving on holiday vacations.  So instead of the live audience show starting at 6pm it would now be at 5pm.  For the last few weeks the stand ins had not been held for the show so we were really surprised when the DP asked us to be held for the show.  We were allowed to leave from 1:30pm until 5pm when we had to be back for the show.  I went home for a bit, picked up Zyla, took her to gymnastics for a make up class since she would be out of town Saturday for her regular class.  Then I headed back to the studio.  I sat around in the AD office hoping that we could go, but we were told that the DP was adamant that we stay.  I decided to munch on all the yummy food at crafty, stuffed tomatoes, Swedish meatballs, mini sandwiches, Italian Hazelnut Cream cake.   About an hour later we were told the DP just needed us for one scene in which only the girls were in.  The guys weren't sure why they had to stay since none of their characters were in that scene.  We found out Alex, Whitney's stand in was wrapped hours ago because she wanted to go home and get the battery in her car replaced.  So I guess they held on to the guys so someone would be there to stand in for Whitney.  We nominated Robson and when it came time to shoot the scene in the coffee shop with the girls we all headed over to set to watch.  All the stand ins came since it would be funny to see Robson stand in for Whitney.  The scene played out beautifully and had lots of laughs.  At one point an eerie ghostly noise could be heard during the take and Rhea said it was the ghost of masterbation.  Someone else said it was someone's cell phone outside.  The sound went away, the scene was completed and none of the stand ins were used.  We all walked back to the AD office to be wrapped out.  Another crew member was in the AD office filling out her time card saying the UPM had said they could all put 12 hours even if the show did not shoot that long that evening.  Andy was going really quickly and it looked like it would be a record short night for live audience.  I wish the stand ins could be blessed with 12 hours.  I had not had overtime on this show in forever, but no such luck.  We were wrapped out at 7 ½ hours and I headed home.  Said prayers with Zyla and put her to bed, then sat down with a glass of wine to watch Hung Season 2 which had just come in the mail from Netflix.  I thought I was in this season, then realized I had done season 3, so I still had to wait to see my episode.


I had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday.  My sister's family came over as well as Ed's friend Jon.  A mix of holiday music filled the air.  On Black Friday, my sister's family drove up to Big Bear to meet us for a winter wonderland get away.  It was about 30 degrees colder up there, but we bundled up and had fun in the snow, riding down the Alpine Slide and seeing A Christmas Carol performed by the performing arts theatre troupe CATS.  I had not seen a play in Big Bear since I was a child.  The new theatre they had to perform in with rotating stage and stadium seating was amazing.  I felt like I was at an off Broadway performance, the acting was so brilliant.  Sitting front row center made it all the more intimate and magical.  On the last day of the vacation we drove down to Disneyland where it was 80 degrees!  One day bundled up in snow, the next in tank tops riding all our favorite rides.  We lucked out, I thought it would be more crowded but we managed to get on 11 rides and have lunch in 4 hours!  The holiday decorations were so beautiful.  I enjoyed seeing icicles hanging from the bridge in Indian Jones and the holiday changes to It's A Small World were really cool.  I noticed they had a lot more of the traditional Disney characters scattered throughout the ride and the music was different from years past.  The park started getting crowded though around 1pm and we headed home. 


Monday I had no job, but Allison called from the production office of Whitney to say I would be getting a Christmas present from the show, a jacket, and they needed to know my size.  Jessica's called with a gig for the next day on one of my family's favorite shows Switched at Birth.  I was very excited to be going and Zyla was upset she could not come too.  I was playing an upscale patron in a Tea Room scene.  My call time was insanely early and their show shoots out in Santa Clarita so I planned to go to bed quite early.  Zyla finished her homework in time for us to walk a mile down the street to our regular Mexican restaurant.  When we got home Zyla and I went to bed while Ed went to his friend's house to work on his music.  I woke at 3:30am, which is typical when I have an early call time, to wake well before the alarm goes off.  I am always in fear I won't wake up on time and be late for set.  I don't know why I have this fear since I have never been late to a set ever.  I kept lying in bed with my eyes closed until it was 4am.  Then I got up, showered, had some coffee and a banana then headed off to set.  The show was shooting on location and we were told to park at some random address around the corner from the Santa Clarita Studios.  But there were no signs and it was pitch black dark and I ended up driving around, then up to the studios to ask the guards at the gate if they knew where I should be.  They tried to be helpful but they had no idea.  I headed down the hill from the gate and asked some guy walking from a parking lot there where Switch at Birth parking was for BG.  He said this lot was for the Switched, but my parking area was around the corner.  I went to the address I had been given and the lot was empty except for one other car and a cop car.  Considering it was 30 minutes until the call time I was a little nervous, when all of a sudden a van showed up with and a bunch of cars following it.  I guess a lot of people were confused and followed the van to the parking lot.  I got in the van that shuttled us to their stages.  I had some breakfast, got checked in, went through wardrobe, hair and make-up, all of which said I was good to go, then relaxed reading Anais Diary.  When everyone was ready we hopped in a van to drive to location.  It was in this beautiful hidden picturesque development.  It really looked like Missouri.  The BG were taken to a back deck to hang out.  We were sitting right on the lake with a view of all these trees shedding their orange and red leaves for fall.  The scene was inside this room made over into a Tea Room.  All my favorite actors from the show were there.  Vanessa Marano who plays Bay, Katie Leclerc who plays Daphne, Lea Thompson who plays Bay's mom, and a new face to the show Meredith Baxter playing Bay's grandmother.  I was brought to set for the first set up, but 20 of us were sent back to holding since the Tea Room was too crowded with everyone.  I was brought to set later and sat just behind the principals' table.  The cameras never moved, they just kept rotating the girls around the table to shoot the different angels and close ups and would move the BG around to make it all work.  I saw a lot of familiar faces in the BG, and at one point one of the crew guy's who also worked Whitney came up to ask me why I wasn't at Whitney.  He was joking since we both knew Whitney was on hiatus this week.  Lucas Grabeel who plays Toby showed up to set for the scenes in the park.  I was not picked to be in that scene and got wrapped out for the day around 1:30pm.  I made it home in time to pick up Zyla from school then take a nice little nap.  After dinner, Ed and I finished watching Hung Season 2.  Season 2 was great and I looked forward to watching more of the show.  Zyla wanted to watch a Make It or Break It episode so we all snuggled up together to watch that before sending her to bed.


Wednesday I had an appointment to have my car evaluated for an estimate to the damages from the accident I was in earlier this month.  Just looking at it you could not see any damage but the appraiser showed me how the other vehicle had hit me so hard that the back trunk door had buckled and the spare tire was at a bit of an angle, not harnessed perfectly vertical.  That added up to thousands of dollars!  Ed and I met up at Zyla's school for her parent/teacher conference.  Very excited and proud to hear how well she was doing and celebrated by a trip out to Mimi's for dinner.  While there, the lights started flickering as the power surged.  We were having an intense windstorm that only grew stronger as the night went on.  As I lie in bed that night listening to the wind howl outside my window, bang trees against buildings, I felt like I was back in New York in our apartment on the Hudson. 

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