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Romancing the Black Lace Water Dragon ~ Chapter 9 by Jacqueline Nyahay

September 2012 ~

September started with the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Zyla had gymnastics, performing her best front handspring over the vault ever.  Then we were off to her friend Jaron's official birthday party at the Ultrazone Laser Tag.  I left her at the party to drive half way across the valley to the only store, which carried privacy screens for taking tests.  Seems it was the one thing on the back to school supplies list nobody could find.  I grabbed up one for Jaron too.  After Laser Tag, we went back to Jaron's house for more party fun.  I hung out with Jodi and Shawna drinking some wonderful French rose wine.  Sunday, Zyla had a playdate with her friend Tobey at the pool.  It was so hot, even in the shade.  I thanked God every time a little bit of breeze would pick up and cool me off.  The last Shakespeare free theater event was happening at Griffith Old Zoo.  Joleen wanted to meet us there, so after getting Zyla home, changed and fed, we all headed over to the show.  Parking was crazy.  The park was insanely full due to the holiday weekend and because this was the last night of the Independent Shakespeare Company's summer 2012 run.  I knew we should have come 2 hours early, but running late, we got there an hour early and I dropped Ed and Zyla at the entrance while I went to look for parking.  By the time I met them on the lawn of the Old Zoo, it was so crowded that the best spot they could find was so far back I could barely see the stage.  People in front of us were in lawn chairs while we had only brought a blanket.  Zyla kept complaining she couldn't see, so I hiked back to my car 15 minutes down the street to get my set chair.  Joleen was running late and I hoped she would be able to find parking, as the lot I had found was full when I returned to it.  Grabbing the chair I headed back.  More and more cars and people were pouring into the event.  The entire lawn was filled.  I was a little upset that the website had said no alcohol or pets, yet everyone around us was drinking wine or beer and had their little dogs with them.  Joleen showed up right at 7pm.  Thankfully the show was late getting started and she found us before the sun set.  The troop was not the same troop that had performed at the library shows we used to go to.  Even with the chair Zyla still couldn't see.  I told her to stand by a tree that was near us.  I had to sit up on my knees and then I still could barely see.  The audience was quiet though so it was interesting to hear Shakespeare while looking up at the stars instead.  I think I would have enjoyed the show more if I had been sitting closer.  By 9pm, we were all over it and with the announcement of an intermission; we packed up our stuff and went home.  As we left the grounds, I noticed the bathroom lines were out of control, some 30 people deep.  It had been a lot nicer at the library.  Joleen came back to our house with us, and we enjoyed the wine and beer we had left behind.  Monday was Labor Day.  I ran a bunch of errands, getting the last of Zyla's school supplies, before my sister and her family came over for a BBQ. 


Tuesday I was back to Whitney.  I arrived early after dropping Zyla at school and still had to park on the roof of the first parking structure.  I ran into Meagan.  She had stood in for Zoe/Lily last season when Tiffany had gone to an audition.  She started pouring out her story of how Monika had called her frantic to give her the script from last Friday and that Meagan needed to come in and cover for her because Monika had to work on some movie she thought she had finished.   I brought Meagan to set and got her situated.  We had some breakfast then the scene with our girls was up.  The rest of the stand ins showed up later as we moved on to more scenes with more characters.  It was fun seeing the camera crews again, mostly all the same people, welcoming them back.  During camera blocking of one scene in Whitney and Alex Apartment, I was standing on Rhea/Roxanne's mark when Rhea came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders to peer over at the light and see exactly where her mark was being moved.  On the walk away lunch I went to move my car to a shadier spot and read some more stories from Passionate Minds, this time about Margaret Mitchell.  Around 4pm, we took a break from camera blocking for a cake to be wheeled onto set with festive balloons as we all sang Happy Birthday to Whitney and Zoe.  After camera blocking the café scene with 2nd Team, I was asked to also stay and help play a featured BG waitress part so the camera crew could figure out the pan to Whitney's table.   We wrapped out by 7pm.  I told Meagan I would see her tomorrow.  She was worried she would not be back to the show because Central had not called her.  I reassured her that she would.  The Hunger Games had arrived from Netflix so Ed, Zyla and I all started watching it before heading off to bed.


Wednesday was the first show night of the new season.  Everyone was excited.  I got to the studio lot a little after 9am and had to park at the far structure.  I guess Meagan did too, because she snuck up behind me as I was walking toward the stages.  She was happy to be back.  First thing up was the one scene we did not have time to camera block the day before, then it was camera refresh the rest of the morning.  A funny moment that stood out to me among the many laughs brought on by Whitney and Chris's antics was when Andy was trying to get Whitney to sit up just right not blocking Chris's camera shot while they were in bed together.  Andy told her it was a game of inches, meaning she just needed to move a bit to solve the issue.  Whitney then said if she were to make a porno that is what she would call it Game of Inches.  Everyone was dieing laughing.  By 1pm everything was done and Todd said the stand ins could leave until 4pm.  I headed home for some down time.  Alex and Meagan went shopping on Ventura Blvd.  I did not have much time at home and missed my family by minutes since Ed had just picked up Zyla from school as I was leaving.  It was Zyla's Back to School night and neither of us could go.  Ed had his Back to School night happening as well, and he took Zyla with him.  I arrived back to the stages realizing I had forgotten to get my show bracelet.  Thankfully security had not arrived just yet and I got back inside and found Eric, our onset PA, who had mine for me.  With bracelet on, I headed back outside to enjoy complimentary blackberry lemon basil icey.  A coffee truck had come too, but I did not partake this time.  I reminded our new stand in Brian that his last name was the same as my maiden name and that we must be long lost cousins.  He told me the story of Zachary Levi from Chuck who had the same last name too, but dropped it per his agent request.  I remembered him telling me the same story whenever we had worked together before, but neither of us could remember the exact show it had been.  I said back in the day agents had told me the last name was no good and to change it as well.  Brian said he had changed it at first when he came to L.A., but now he was happy with it.  Matt and I sat in the new bar set area while the audience was being loaded.  Around 5pm, we headed into the AD office behind the sets along with all the other stand ins.  The AD's had a flat screen with the football game on so the boys watched that, while the girls all sat together chatting about DMT, ghosts, hauntings, Judaism and spirit bodies.  The new scripts were available and I checked to see if there were any guest star girls I might be brought in to read for on Friday.  I spotted two, but they weren't in the same scene so it was possible Alex would just be called in to do them both, or who knew if one or both might be dropped by Friday.  I had brought along my library book Intrusions by Ursula Hegi and started reading it.  Loved the format, of trying to write while being a busy stay home mom and how to work through the interruptions.  I was taking notes.  Yummy food was provided by crafty all night.  I had a warm spicy cheesy quesadilla, little sandwich, then later some Jewish food arrived, that reminded me of a gyro but with a different type sauce.  We finished by 9pm.  I brought home a cupcake for Zyla.  Meagan had not heard from Monika all day on whether she could keep this Whitney job.  Monika had been offered a 5 day a week SAG show with 22 episodes and was not sure if she was going to take it or stay at Whitney.  I told Meagan to leave her name and info with the AD's so she could come back if Monika did not.  Alex and I agreed it would be fun if Meagan could stay since we all got along so well. 


By Thursday I was exhausted.  It felt like the longest week ever and it still was not over!  I had to see my gyno.  She was happy to report my breasts were fine.  Just like the other doctor had said in January.  I had to return a bunch of books to the library, get some banking done, fill out more school paperwork that happens every fall.  Getting all my errands done, I thought I would lie down for a nap, then realized I wanted to write here about Whitney while the experiences were fresh in my mind.  After writing, I read a bit of Intrusions before it was time to pick up Zyla from school.  Jessica's called saying I was needed back at Whitney the next day. 


Friday I arrived to the studio very early after dropping Zyla at school.  I stayed in my car and read a bit from Intrusions before heading into the stages.  Todd gave me the new script.  The two girls and one guy guest stars I had seen in the script Wednesday night had now changed to four guest star girls and no guys.  Alex and Megan were called in as well.  Alex was given two characters to cover.  Megan and I were given the two girls in the Art Gallery scene.  I was happy to see Megan back.  Watching the rehearsals was fun, the new Low Bar was an amazing set.  Things got switched around and I was told to cover the Cleaning Lady Ramona part in Whitney and Alex Apartment instead of Alex and she would do the Art Gallery woman Lorraine.  It worked out in my favor as the extra woman in the Art Gallery scene was cut after rehearsals and the Lorraine character was going to be covered by Zoe on the run thru.  Lunch was amazing as usual, guava chicken, asparagus, saffron rice.  Since I only had one line, I did not use the script during the run thru.  Everything went smoothly, lots of laughs.  I had fun acting with Chris and Whitney.  After the run thru the stand ins were kept to work with the DP Patti figuring out the lighting for the different sets.  It was a girl-bonding day and everyone was excited when Megan was offered to stay full time at Whitney.  With well wishes for a great weekend, I headed home.  Pizza and Hunger Games ended my evening before falling asleep.


The heat of summer was still pulsing through the air.  Zyla had a sleep over swim date planned with her friend Clarissa.  So after taking Zyla to gymnastics, I fed her lunch and we went to pick up her friend.  Sitting at the pool for 4 hours in the shade with Intrusions in hand I finished up Ursula's book while the girls enjoyed the water.  I liked how Ursula talked back and forth with the characters she had created for the story, hearing their input on how their lives should go.  It was a very unorthodox approach to writing, she was doing her own thing it was great.  After taking the girls to get some dinner, I surprised them with a trip to Republic of Pie.  They loved the ambience saying they felt like they were in France.  They wanted the sleep over to take place at the pie shop.  Online had said there would be live music, but there was no one on stage when we arrived.  The girls settled themselves on a love seat in the back and devoured the pies when they arrived.  Each insisted it was the best pie ever.  Back at home I finished watching Love Never Dies, the latest thing to come in my mail from Netflix.  I had started it with Ed while Zyla was at gym.  Ed had to run the jumbo tron at Crespi's football event so he could not finish it with me.  It was so visually amazing, the singing, acting so powerfully moving, I was stunned.  The girls came down during the last half hour to watch it too.  Sunday after taking Clarissa home, Ed, Zyla and I all sat down to watch Love Never Dies again.  I am a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera, which is probably my favorite musical ever.  When I heard there was a sequel that Andrew Lloyd Webber had composed, I was interested.  The movie was shot on location in Australia, of the stage show performed at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne.  Ben Lewis played a brilliant Phantom and Anna O'Byrne had the exquisite voice of Christine Daae, but what really moved me was the child Jack Lyall playing Gustave, the son of Christine and Phantom.  My favorite song of the musical was between Phantom and Gustave called The Beauty Underneath.  The sets, the costumes, everything was so magical.  I fell in love with this new chapter in the lives of Phantom and Christine.  So much so, the music soundtrack played throughout my mind as I fell asleep, as I woke.


Monday it was back to Whitney.  Dropped Zyla at school then headed into set.  I was needed to act out Ramona the cleaning lady again during the network run thru.  Todd had asked for all the stand ins info for the crew list.  I wondered if we would be added this year, since last year we were not.  Rehearsals went quickly, lunch was served and I was done in time to pick up Zyla from school right at 3pm.  When I checked my email, the Whitney call sheet was in my inbox!  The stand ins had been officially added to the crew list this season!  That evening, drawn by the haunting melodies, my family sat down to watch Love Never Dies again.  We were just going to have to buy this movie I had fallen in love with. 


Tuesday was a nightmare getting parked on the lot.  I guess there were just too many things shooting at CBS/Radford.  I was directed to park along the river.  I finished reading about Margaret Mitchell's life from Passionate Minds in my car before heading into set.  Alex was running late, so I stood in for Whitney until she arrived.  The camera blocking went quickly.  Alex, Megan and I went for a walk around the lot on the walk away lunch.  Megan had brought snacks to share, almonds and mini muffins she made herself.  The guest star Lynn Ann playing Ramona was brought in for the camera blocking.  I had thought the character would be a 50's Hispanic woman as the script suggested, but instead it was overweight cropped blond haired woman.  I stood in for her after the rehearsal.  Rebecca the script supervisor came up to me afterward to say she missed me playing Ramona.  I said why was Lynn playing the role so angry?  Rebecca said that is what she and Andy were wondering.  They told her not to be so upset with the character.  Wrapped out early at 5pm and headed home to make dinner for my family.  Another movie had arrived from Netflix, Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking.  I had no idea the craziness of Princess Leia real life, but Carrie had made a brilliant hilarious stand up routine about it. 


Wednesday back to Whitney.  I dropped Zyla at school and went home to get ready.  My call time was for 10am, but I was bored and hungry and knew the parking situation was nightmarish so I went in early.  I was directed to park by the river again, saw Megan's car and assumed she was at the stages.  I arrived around 9am and had yummy quesadillas, eggs, sausage, kiwi and watermelon.  Brian was already there since his wife was doing BG and she had an earlier call time.  Megan showed up a few minutes later, she had still been in her car, I hadn't realized.  Rebecca came over to make sure I had no hard feelings about the show hiring yet another woman to play Ramona.  She said I set the bar too high and they had to find someone to perform it the way I had.  I had never thought I would be considered for the role considering it was for a 50-year-old woman.  I was happy with whoever was the best fit for the show.  Marie Del Marco was now going to play Ramona.  During camera refresh she had to learn the blocking quickly as this was the last time it was being rehearsed before the live taping that evening.  She played the role the way I had imagined it in my head.  The stand ins were never used for the refresh which is usually how it goes.  At 1pm it was over and Alex went to ask if we could leave for break.  The DP did not need us, so we were free until 4pm.  Alex, Megan and I all headed across the street to Teru Sushi for lunch.  It was a fun girl-bonding day.  After a tasty lunch we went shopping down Ventura Blvd before heading back to set.  An ice cream truck had arrived thanks to the writers.  I was the first in line ordering a Cappuccino Blast milk shake.  Back inside the stages we all hung out in the AD office all evening, talking about marriage and relationships.  Read through the script for next week.  No guest star girls, but a new series regular character was being added to the show to play the bartender of Mark's Low Bar.  Fatburgers arrived for dinner.  Kids Management texted wanting Zyla for Parenthood again, but it was just too last minute and we hadn't even spoken to her teacher at school, so we had to pass.  At the end of the night Rick the associate director came in and told me they had liked my performance as the maid Ramona, but I was too pretty for the part.  I said no worries; I would be scared if they considered me for 50-year-old parts!  We all wrapped out by 9:30pm.


Thursday was my first day back in Zyla's school library, working off my yearly service hours required of all parents.  Afterwards I went home to chill.  Ordered our tickets for New Years to visit Ed's family in Ohio.  Friday I went shopping for a new set bag, as the one my mom had given me 6 years ago was literally falling to pieces.  It was my favorite, but I had to lay the last crumbling bits of it to rest and transfer my set life to a new one.  The Vampire Diaries Season 3 was released and we had all been waiting a long time to see it.  The first three disks arrived from Netflix and so began our Vamp Diaries marathon all weekend, staying cool in the air conditioning while the temperatures outside rose to the 100's yet again.  This new season was really amazing.  I almost loved it more than True Blood.  The story line was so creative, the cast amazing.  Zyla had joined the Mock Trial group at school and wanted to be a defense attorney.  She had to write a paragraph on why she wanted that part, since a number of kids were competing for the same role.  I helped her figure it out.  I started reading a new book by Laurie Fox called The Lost Girls.  She took a twist on an old tale, cleverly weaving a tale of the history of Wendy from Peter Pan and how her descendants lived with the spell of Neverland in their blood.


Monday it was back to Whitney.  I arrived early after dropping Zyla at school and was directed to the far parking garage.  I read for a bit from The Lost Girls until I saw Megan drive past.  I met up with her at the stages and we both grabbed some breakfast talking about our weekends.  It became uncanny how much we had in common.  A new regular stand in Robert arrived who was covering our new series regular Tone Bell playing the Bartender of Low Bar.  Tone was amazing and fit right in with the cast giving a great energy to the mix.  Everyone seemed in high spirits, it was Rosh Hashanah.  Spiral Challah bread was served at lunch along with Apple and Honey glazed carrots, chicken, lamb chops, salad and my favorite a sweet tasty kugel.  The episode was easy, only taking place in the Low Bar and Whitney and Chris Apartment.  After the network run through, we worked with Patti and Antar setting lights, then wrapped out by 3:30pm.  I came home to more Vampire Diaries, before making some tortellini with lemon artichoke pesto for dinner.  Kids Management texted again for Zyla, this time they wanted kids who had Yom Kippur off school the following week.  Unfortunately Zyla's school did not give that day off, so she did not qualify for that movie gig.  A few hours later Kids Management texted again with yet another movie part on Hangover Part 3.  A 2-day gig with a fitting for the following day.  It would have worked out with my hiatus week, but I turned it down.  She was just getting adjusted to junior high, her workload was going to increase the following week after the ITBS testing going on.  I knew how her teacher felt if anyone missed a Mock Trial rehearsal so I passed on that gig for her as well.


Tuesday, I met up with Megan early at the parking structure and we walked to the stages.  She had bought everyone lollipops including one for me to take home to Zyla!  It was an easy morning going through the camera blocking and pre-shoots.  Lots of food was provided, and at walk away lunch I ended up taking a nap in my car.  Zyla got the part of Defense Attorney for Mock Trial, I was so happy for her!  It was a big role and I was thankful I had stuck to my intuition on passing on the movie role for her.  She was excited to have been picked because usually those roles go to the 8th graders only.  She was going to have to be at every practice to perfect her part.  I wrapped out of set by 5pm, getting home in time to have dinner with my family.  We finished up disk 3 of Vampire Diaries before drifting off to sleep.


Wednesday, our last show night for September.  I had to be at the stages by 10:15am.  I was upset with the payroll company.  They had sent me a check the previous day with the wrong name and tax id number on it.  They must have mixed up my voucher with one of the BG.  I had called them and left a message about it and was waiting to hear back.  But the payroll company only deals with issues between 3-5pm, so they never called back.  The camera refresh went by quickly and at noon it was finished.  We had off until 4pm, so I went home to chill.  At 3pm I got through to payroll and found out it was just a human error of typing in one wrong number which pulled up someone else's name and that no check had been issued to me sent somewhere else, so I was happy about that.  I had to mail back the check with a post it note saying reissue with correct name and social.  They assured me it would be resolved in a matter of days.  I talked with my mom and sister on the phone, watched a documentary on Big Sur, lined up Zyla's play date for the weekend, then headed back to set.  Alex and Megan met up with me at the stages.  We hung out for the rest of the evening in the AD office with the other stand ins.  A Froyo truck arrived thanks to the writers and I enjoyed a yummy strawberry lemonade yogurt with caramel.  I was reading a bit from The Lost Girls.  Everyone was curious about my book.  I told them the premise and they all agreed it would make a great movie.  It was published in 2004, what was wrong with Hollywood, someone please make a movie of Laurie Fox's work!  The episode did not take long to film since they were saving the flashback scene to shoot after the audience left.  I was wrapped out by 8:30pm.  Megan and I walked to the parking structure saying good night and good-bye.  Hiatus week had arrived.


Thursday I was not needed in Zyla's school library since they were doing ITBS testing, so after dropping her at school I drove to Stough Canyon for a hike.  It felt like forever since I had been there.  It was incredibly hot for 8am, I only walked to the first look out area, dripping with sweat, praying my rosary.  Not much wildlife out, I saw one hummingbird and one lizard.  I came home to shower before running errands.  The next disk of Vamp Diaries had come the day before and while I was at work all night, Zyla and Ed had watched two more episodes. I spent some of my morning catching up on the vamps then reserved a lovely hotel room up in Big Bear for our Thanksgiving weekend before they were all booked up.  Before I knew it, time to get Zyla from school.


Friday I awoke to a surprise.  Never a dull moment, I found messages on my cell phone from Jessica's List, both left last night.  The first was asking if I would be interested in working on Friday on Touch playing a tennis player because some girl who was booked dropped out of the call and I fit the description.  They didn't know if I played tennis and I needed to call back in 15 minutes if I wanted the job.  Obviously I had never called back, so the next message was more disturbing.  They said they had spoken to me and booked me for 6:30am on Touch to play the tennis girl.  It was already after 7am and I immediately called Jessica's emergency line saying I had just gotten these messages, I was booked out for Friday and not sure what the mix up was, but I would not be at set of Touch today.  Jessica called me right back to say I was not listed as being booked on Touch and was not listed as being booked out either.  She had been out of town the first two weeks of the month and things had gotten mixed up.  The first of the month I had left 2 voice messages, spoken to one of the girls and emailed my schedule 3 times because the girls had asked me to even though Jessica said never do that last year.  Yet for some reason, I was still listed as available.  I was just thankful that I wasn't listed on the call and ending up on some list at Central of people who are no shows, because that could get me suspended from work all together!  Jessica confirmed my availability days for October and everything seemed in order for next month.  She also confirmed that the only days I was available for other work would be next week on Monday through Wednesday before hanging up with me.  After all that drama, I drove Zyla to school.  I needed an oil change so I stopped in to get my car serviced.  Joleen called saying we needed to go see the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which would be flying overhead-strapped piggyback to a 747 in just a few short hours.  I did not want to go to Griffith Observatory since the Internet had said it would be congested with cars and I might not get back to Zyla's school in time.  Fortunately it would be flying over the Universal City Walk as well, which was just down the street from Zyla's school.  I met up with Joleen at the park across the street from the City Walk and we walked up the hill.  Getting there early, we were told the best view place would be right in front of the entrance to the Universal Studios Park.  The Saddleback Ranch was open, so we popped inside for drinks while waiting on the shuttle.  I had a glass of champagne, Joleen a beer, while we watch the shuttles progress on the many flat screen TV's around the bar area.  Around 10:30am we made our way outside to some shade waiting on Endeavor.  It was scheduled to come between 10:30 and 11:30, but did not actually show up until a little after 12pm.  I had brought Ed's mini video camera and filmed as the shuttle circled around our mountaintop.  It came so close, it was really amazing.  The historic shuttle was being retired to our Science Museum, and I looked forward to checking it out there later on this year.  Afterward I went to pick up Zyla from school.  She was excited that the school had let all the children outside to see the shuttle too.  It was so close she said she felt like she could touch it!  Ed helped me put my footage up online on youtube.


Saturday I had a weird dream about Honey Boo Boo, Megan and me that eerily correlated to what Megan had been doing the night before in Oklahoma.  Settled in under some shade with Passionate Minds while watching Zyla and her friend Chloe play at the pool.  The weather was not letting up still soaring into the low 90's.  The chapter on Ayn Rand was interesting.  I had read her books when I was younger loved her way with words.  I found it interesting she originated from Russia, no wonder I liked her so much.  She had been into cinema that influenced her writing for the epic.  Doris Lessing's story really made me want to read The Golden Notebook or her diaries.  Women fighting against the statis quo of motherhood and homemaker, finding their freedoms along with the challenges that posed.  I know I struggled with these issues myself and could only imagine how it was for their generation.  I had been meaning to get The Notebook from the library but had put it off.  I put it to the top of my list.  After a sushi dinner with the girls, Ed and I took them to Republic of Pie.  We were treated to a live performance by Courtney Rice.  Her original ‘Divine Intervention' really moved me.  I sang along when she played the cover of En Vogue ‘Don't Let Go'.  Her slowed down intimate version of Michael Jackson's ‘Billy Jean' was awesome.  I came home to like her on Facebook and leave her a comment about the show.  Our time with the Vampires of Mystic Falls was coming to an end.  This had to be their best season ever.  I loved the dark side of Stephan and the creative back-story to the Original Vampires.  Sunday I woke from a variety of strange dreams.  Called to wish my mom a happy birthday.  Zyla Alter Served at Mass.  My Space Shuttle Endeavor video was doing amazing, almost 200 hits in 2 days!  I started a new book The Doll by Daphne Du Maurier.  It was a collection of her short stories, some of which I had already read in The Rebecca Notebook.  She is such a gifted writer; I loved reading her story The Doll, which captured the emotional human nature of obsessional love.  Ed and I laughed at the comedy styling of Katt Williams before falling asleep.


Monday, I had no work, so after dropping Zyla at school I made my way to Stough Canyon for a hike.  Prayerfully meditating on the rosary I made my way to the top of the mountain.  After months of not seeing any animals a magical moment presented itself.  Two deer appeared on the trail as I made my way down.  A buck and a doe.  I carefully walked along with them down the trail watching their every move.  I felt blessed by these creatures, by my life which felt so wonderful and thanked God for this lovely experience. 

Afterward I returned some books due back to the library and found some I wanted after reading Passionate Minds.  Kids Management called again with a job for Zyla on Heart of Dixie, for the following day.  It was right after we had gotten home from her school and too late to ask her teacher about what the workload would be the following day so we passed on it.  I'm glad we did because as I knew, her homework load the week after ITBS testing was heavy.  She spent about 4 hours on homework Monday and had done two subjects at school for a half hour as well.


Tuesday, I went for another prayer hike, no special animal appearances but that was ok.  Ran some errands, then settled in to watch a documentary on Netflix instant called For the Bible Tells Me So.  I loved this documentary which should be required viewing of all families in America.  It put in perspective the lies perpetrated by many Christian groups about what the Bible really says about gays.  It touched my heart in a big way as I had just come out to Zyla a few weeks before about being bisexual.  After a lifetime of dealing with whether this was evil or I was going to hell for it as I was raised to believe, I had finally come to terms with my truth.  I felt immense joy at being able to be free to be myself and loved by my family for who I really was.  I felt like this video was one more confirmation from God that I was blessed in His sight and doing the right thing in being honest with myself and my family.  We are all here on this Earth to love and not to hate.  I think maybe with all the talk of the end of the world coming this December, it means a new cycle will begin, one in which I hope will be of greater acceptance, love and tolerance for everyone in all our creative divisive forms. 


A magical day awaited me Wednesday back at the nature center of Stough.  I pulled into the parking lot and was asked by a woman with her children if the coyotes were dangerous.  I said I had never been bothered by one, they usually don't approach and run off.  She said one had just been in the parking lot.  As we started up the trail, the coyote was right there on the hillside watching us.  It did seem intimidating, but I thought it was cool to see one so close up since they usually don't stick around humans.  Nothing happened and I kept walking up the trail.  Further up as I was finishing my rosary I almost stepped on a baby gopher snake sunning itself on the trail.  I stopped to watch it and alert the other hikers, but it sensed me and moved slowly to the side and quickly slithered into hiding.  I walked all the way to the far bench and laid down on it to meditate, letting the sun soak into my body, absorbing the energy of the universe.  When I got home I finished watching the Woody Allen documentary I had started a month ago.  The man is so brilliant and the movie put his whole life in such an amazing perspective.  I felt honored and blessed all over again that I had been part of his magic genius on Melinda and Melinda in my New York days.  Entourage Season 8 arrived from Netflix.  It was a short season only 8 episodes.  Ed and I watched 5 of them.  Such a sad season, but real.  I liked seeing Andrew Dice Clay back in the spotlight. 


Thursday I was back in Zyla's school library earning my service hours.  Checking in books, dodging a sick boy throwing up, handing tissue to one girl with blood gushing from her bit lip, never a dull moment.  I came home to watch Helen, a seriously sad, but brilliant performance by Ashley Judd of a severely depressed married woman and how her life affected her family and career.  Depression runs in my family so I could totally relate.  After picking up Zyla from school, helping her with homework, then taking her to gymnastics, and making dinner I was able to relax with Ed and finish Entourage Season 8.  It was the final season so there was a special feature on the disk of the actors talking about their time on the show and saying their good-byes.  I was going to miss these guys and their crazy adventures in Hollywood.


Friday, I went for another hike at Stough, but no animals were out this time.  Zyla had a short day, but before I grabbed her up I started reading D. H. Lawrence Women In Love.  I could not believe it had been one week since the space shuttle had flown overhead, felt like forever.  I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon while Zyla was out playing with her friend.  When Ed came home, we had some sushi for dinner then watched House of Pleasures on Netflix instant.  This beautifully shot foreign French film told the story of an old time whorehouse and what it was really like from the women's perspective.  I loved the costuming and felt nostalgic for such a beautifully romantic time period that seemed no longer part of this fast paced world we lived in now.


Saturday, after all the usual events of the morning and afternoon, Ed and I sat down to watch Hung Season 3, which had just come from Netflix.  I was excited to see my scene that Alison, the onset PA on Whitney last year had said she saw me in.  I was heavily featured in the second episode in the Wellness Clinic scene, which was cool to see.  Afterward, Ed, Zyla and I found ourselves at Jodi's house for her daughter Jaylynn's Monster High Birthday party.  Jim BBQ'd up some tasty burgers and I indulged in two.  I enjoyed hanging with Jodi and Shauna having some adult girly time talk.  We had to leave early, about 9pm because we were heading to Disney the next morning. 


On the last day of September, we woke at 6am to head down to Disneyland.  I had put it off all month because of the heat, but wanted to go at least once before months end.  Thankfully there was a cool breeze and not crowded at all when we arrived at 8am.  We were able to enjoy all our favorite rides on the Disney side, including the Spooky Space Mountain and Jack's Haunted Mansion rides made over for Halloween.  After a lovely brunch on Main Street, we hit up Splash Mountain and Pirates before taking the Train back to the front entrance.  That evening I helped Zyla with her Mock Trial homework.  As a defense attorney, she needed to come up with questions for the witnesses she would question.  One witness was for the prosecution so she needed to discredit them.  It was fun working with her on it.  I think I should have pursued Law School back in the day.  Ed and I finished watching the Hung disk we had.  You can never go wrong with HBO. 

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