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Drained in every aching pore
Drained of wanting, needing more.
Join me in this peaceful bliss
The rest of eternity spent like this...
Clouds shift by and on I ride,
Lost in the looking glass
Off on a score of another time
When just after arriving I was fed to an alligator
But justifiably got free
Which brings me to
what was sitting on the tip of my tongue...
Until he ran down my throat
Scared to be spat out at a world gone mad. 
And what can I do
What is expected of me
Will I go mad
Lost in the oblivion
And who will tend to the lost sheep
When it all comes down
Each of us has the sensor
Which leads us home
Just have to dig deep inside
Delve in depth
Then float to the surface of sanity.
Float...drained back, drug back, sinking back into sanity.
Flaot to sanity and on and on and on and on...
~Jacqueline '98