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Pick me off the floor
And fill me with Your love
I've been waiting all my life
I've been waiting for Your love.
And it's not like You kept it from me
I guess I pushed You away.
Thinking I knew better
Left You for another day.
And now I'm not so sure
I had it all right,
I'm finding I need You
And Your bright shining Light.
They say you don't appreciate until
It's gone
Don't feel the idea of loss so strong
And I agree
Because without Thee
I'm lost in the dark
Lost on my own with no directions
And I know this is true
I experienced it without You
And I never want to push You away
Just hold You close all day.
Thank You for this life
And even the strife
Because without it life wouldn't be
So sweet, meaningful & free.
~Jacqueline '98