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Make Me a Saint

Gaudy Green Brass Shines forth my Sun
Enlivening my heart with one
Touch me now, you will see alight
Buring sinner thou saint delight
Where are you God who procedes my step
Weary of wandering in Thy step
Cut loose to explore my freedom
I know how to build a kingdom
So with His courage and His grace
I assemble the bold great race
We march upon the same old cities
Give us your tired and your pities
Convert thy soul, make a molding
Blue print see to thy enfolding
Bore upon the lust of many
All this time for one small penny
And now the time is up I fear
Running like a deer struck with spear
Piercing through my heart like a drug
Crushing me to a minute bug
Lost to any reality
Gone at last to eternity
Far from the Savage Garden sent
Forget me not on your next lent
And now I listen from afar
With help to make your dreams come true
Light a candle, say a prayer
Then blow it out if you dare.
God and I will meet you there.
~Jacqueline February 16, 2004