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Are you listening to me
Your face tells me no story
Are you lost in thought up there
Behind your eyes somewhere
Tell me what you see
Are you haunted just like me
What do they ask of you
Wicked thoughts quickly brew
Slice through my flesh and see
My blood is all you need
Drink from the faunt of life
Gain everlasting life
And as the dance will end
Take this with you I send
Awake oh sleeper Awake and hear the words
I have to pour out to my people.
Listen for love and mercy are being washed
over all my beloved, bath in the
refreshing water of my soul.
Wash over me my spirit
Toss the flesh and blood aside
Wash over me my spirit
Lye down I want to ride
Wash over me my spirit
So it's come to this at last
Wash over me my spirit
Euphoric Energy Blast!
~Jacqueline March 15, 2004