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Lost then found then lost again
Who am I where do I begin
Find myself in the department store
Compulsive shopping must buy more
Anger boils beneath my skin
Lies and secrets held within
But the truth shall set me free
According to what's said in therapy
Draw my children close to me
I think they will come to see
I'm not really that crazy
It's just my life, I'm just me.
So what if I'm in love with a man
That the whole family put on ban
He threatened to kill them all you see
But he took it all back in a promise to me
And so what if he gave my daughter alcohol
She needs a drink, she's my daughter after all!
Flasher games what is this?
Over-exaggerated, just dismiss.
He makes me feel beautiful
I forgive all he's done
He makes you feel sick
You wish I would run
They say I'm manic, bi-polar, depressed
Maybe I'm just sick, twisted and stressed.
I don't know, I'm just being me.
~Jan. 21, 2005 Jacqueline