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Is It Over

Is it over are you done
I know this time you won't run
Have you found the closure you need
I will when I dig up the seed
Planted before my mind's-eye remembers
Awakened in me it hauntingly stirs
What drew it out of it's shell
Was it the toning of the bells
Was it the birth of your child
De ja vu to days gone wild
And what twisted bit of fate
Brought me to this sacred date
As I see my daughter turn four
My soul opens yet another door
When I was four I loved to dance
As Grandmother's eyes watched me prance
One day I slipped my hand in hers
But death had stolen over her features
They said that her time had come
But to me that sounded dumb
I was to young to understand
Couldn't I dance to her new land?
But that wasn't when darkness first came for me
Have I told you about the demons I see
Mommy into Ouija, daddy into porn
Kabbalah says I chose this story to be born
I guess I made one hell of a choice!
Is it over are you done
Why you asking not having fun
Wait there's more to it don't you see
Life's a revolving mystery
What's next in me to break free
Float to the surface of sanity
All I can do is let it be
Cleanse my soul's impurity
Is it over are you done
Not by a long shot baby!
In reality I don't know
What tomorrow might trigger to grow
I guess we'll just have to wait and see
Never a dull moment when you're with me.
~Jacqueline (Feb. 2, 2005)