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How I Made SAG by Lee Paul



It was early in the sixties and after leaving remote Alaska where I was working as an Air Force Officer, I found my way down to LA to look up a little theatre owner named John Milford (he owned the Chamber Theatre and was part of the design team on the Hollywood Avenue of the Stars).  I had found his name in a list of theater owners and contacted him.  When I knocked on his apt door, his first line was “Christ I didn’t expect you to accept my invitation to say hello if you made it to LA, Now go home!”  I never worked non-union film, but being in theater I was in both Equity and non-equity productions.  Needless to say I hung around, started studying with the renowned Drama coach Jeff Corey and found a manager Ellis Gold of “EGO Enterprises”!  His office on Sunset Blvd was next to Gary Marshall’s and after six months, through that contact, I got my 1st union job on “Hey Landlord”, my SAG card and the rest as they say is history.  I had one line on my segment of  “Hey Landlord”.  The director greeted me by saying I guess you’re the actor you’ve got the make up on.  I waited behind the door for the red light to blink, which was my cue to enter set, the spot light and the business and I have never regretted it.  Thanks John, Jeff Ellis and Gary and all those who have shared my career.


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