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Keepin It Real ~ Chapter 10 by Jacqueline Nyahay

October 2011 ~

Switzer Falls, in the Angeles Crest Mountains of La Canada was my favorite waterfall hike, and open again.  I had been going there monthly since childhood with my family, walking the trails with my dad, mom, sister, then as an adult weekly with friends.  I had taken Ed there countless times and when Zyla was born it was important that I share lots of moments with her there as well.  Ed had proposed to me there, we shot Bug Boy there, I had a young adult novel outline that revolved around there. I had done the hike in the pouring rain, at midnight under a full moon.  To say the place was important to me was an understatement and when it closed 3 years ago due to fire damage I was really upset.  It felt like I had been waiting forever for it to open again.  I was so excited to go back to this special place and hug all my favorite trees.  The walking stick my mom shipped arrived at my front door and I started laughing, knowing exactly what it was when I saw the package.  Just in time to take to the woods with me, Zyla loved it as well.


Arriving back at this magical place brought many beautiful memories to mind.  The sites, the smells filled me with joy and I was happy to see minimal change from the fire damage.  Once we made it to the waterfall, it saddened me to see some early morning hikers pull out spray cans and start tagging up the rocks above the falls.  Why do people feel the need to get up at 10am to go spray paint in nature?  It really disturbed Zyla as well, but there wasn't anything to do about it.  Three large guys and a girl were getting their crazy on and if they had so little respect for rules and nature, I was not going to start yelling at them about what they were doing and have them come after us.  I only wish we had brought the cell phone to film them and throw it up on youtube, but since we never have a signal we had left them behind.  Besides that, the day was wonderful.  We splashed in the flowing river and enjoyed the ambiance.  Afterward we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant at the bottom of the mountain Los Gringos, which has the best peach margaritas and freshly made guacamole prepared tableside! 


Monday I dropped Zyla to school and headed to CBS Radford.  I was not used for anything the first half of the day, just watched Whitney and Chris work out most of their scenes that were being pre-shot.  At lunch I moved my car to the closer lot and laid my seat back to relax.  I was not sure if I was going to do anything since Rhea was not at work and I thought they might skip her scenes so she could run them the following day with everyone.  But I had been told to be prepared to do all her scenes and blocking with 1st team, and was reminded of this when I came back from lunch.  After the pre-shoots were done, we moved on to camera blocking.  Usually the cast does the rehearsal then stand ins come in to help the cameras set up the shots.  But the director this week, was not into using the stand ins and just had the 1st team rehearse their scenes and then he taped one for camera and moved on.  We got to a scene Rhea was in and I was reminded to head into set.  I had not realized I would be filmed by camera with the lead actors of the show.  It was a bit intimidating to run the whole scene with all the lead actors in full make up and wardrobe, while I was just in my regular street clothes I wear.  They were all off script but I was allowed to use mine.  Whitney had said hi to me the first day I worked the show but pretty much I hadn't really spoken to her since then.  Chris had never said hi to me ever.  So it was a little weird to then be totally acting out these scenes with them when they weren't really acknowledging me taking Rhea's place.  The other actors were really cool.  Maulik, Zoe and Dan all spoke to me and thanked me for helping run the scenes in Rhea's place.  You never know how the principal actors are going to feel having to work with 2nd Team stand ins.  Everything went really smooth.  When it came time for the last scene I had to do where Rhea's character accidentally kisses Maulik/Neal, he asked me if I was ok with that.  I said of course.  We played the scene out perfect and only had to run it once.  Because the cameras were rolling I was given a big bump on my paycheck for filling in for Rhea.  I wrapped out getting home in time to watch some Vampire Diaries with my family.


Tuesday I had a late morning call time.  Everyone was excited for show night!  The vibe was amazing.  Then we got word that we were picked up for the back 9, meaning I would have a job until the first of March now!  Rhea was back and I stood in for her before she came to set to shoot her pre-shoot scene for the episode.  After that I did not do much the rest of the day, just watch camera refresh rehearsals.  I went to crafty for some soup around noon and Chris was reaching into the spoon drawer as I was.   He said hey.  I said hey.  Finally acknowledged.  Around 3pm, Todd the 2nd AD asked me to come run lines privately with Lisa Lampanelli.  She was really cool and we sat in the Mason House set going over her three scenes of the night.  Afterward, the stand ins were used to run the Mason House scenes for the BG who had not been available when the cast did their run through of it.  Once the BG were placed and figured out their blocking, we ran the lines and blocking for the scenes, acting it out 2nd Team style, then broke for lunch.  It was around 4:30pm and we were told to be back by 9pm.  I headed home to get my family then meet up with some friends for dinner.  After dinner I watched a Vampire Diary with Zyla before sending her to bed.  When I returned to the stages I found Alex and her boyfriend hanging in the AD room.  He had been doing BG on the show and the BG were all done for the night.  The rest of the stand ins trickled in, some went to watch the taping.  They had only taped half the show and it was looking like we would be there until midnight.  But at 10:10pm Todd told us we could go early and wrapped us out. 


Wednesday morning it started to rain, a beautiful October rain.  Spooky town at my house with all the Halloween decorations Ed and Zyla had put up.  I sat in a dentist chair all morning watching the news as the rain fell outside the window.  My many errands and chores that get pushed to my days off kept me busy, but I still found time to spend with Anais in her diary.


Friday I was back at Whitney right after dropping Zyla to school.  The stages were freezing from the cold weather and the air conditioning left on all night.  It was so cold they actually turned on the heater!  The rehearsals went smoothly, looked like a really cute, funny episode about how friends can break up just as if they were in a romantic relationship, but with a little time and attention things can get back to normal and our friends are just as important to our whole life balance as our romantic ones.  Whitney was a little stressed about the ratings on episode 3 but in the end her show was tied for #1 on NBC so it was all good.  Now that we had the back 9, she was pushing for being picked up for second season.  Always moving forward, mind on task, developing her show into a mega hit!  Robson was back from his trip to Brazil and Peru bearing gifts for us all in the form of yummy chocolates!  Antar did not need to use us, so the stand ins got wrapped out ultra early and I headed off the lot to pick up Zyla from school.  Pizza and Vampire Diaries night with friends over and the start to a wonderful weekend.


Saturday I spent helping Zyla with her history report on explorers to the New World.  Sunday we headed down to Disneyland trying out something new on the California side, Toy Story Ride, which was unexpectedly amusing.  While Ed made the most points out of all of us in this shoot ‘em up arcade type ride, I won in accuracy.  Zyla wanted to do Star Tours which brought us to a new frontier, the rings of Saturn.  It all went by too fast and Monday rolled around again and off to set I went.


Back at Whitney, things were pretty much running smoothly with Andy back directing.  We had a huge sports bar scene that looked really great.  Our art department was amazing.  Rhea was looking fabulous as always, never without a friendly hello to me.  I loved being her stand in.  Chris and Whitney's banter was amusing as they continued to develop into an adorable witty couple/team on and off set.  A coffee truck came to congratulate us on getting the Back 9.  Alex and I went out to order up lattes.  We were talking with Allison about throwing out quotes from the show when we hang out randomly with friends who have no idea what we are talking about.  It's funny because we hear these lines every week that get stuck in our head and resound through our subconscious until they come out at funny moments.  I was glad I was not the only one this happened too.  Everyone was in a wonderful mood and the vibe on set was success and happiness.  Andy let everyone go early to applause and chanting of his name.


On show night, my call time was 11am.  Great vibe in the air at set.  News came out with a new shooting schedule, including information on the following week that was now going to be an emergency hiatus week to get more scripts pumped out for the Back 9 episodes.  I called up Jessica's to let them know I would need them to find me other work.  We got our show night bracelets and were told to be back at 8:30pm.  I went home for dinner with my family and helped Zyla with her homework.  Upon arriving back to the stages we were told things were running smoothly, on schedule, so we could be wrapped out immediately.  I went home following the full moon down Ventura Boulevard. 


Wednesday morning I woke up, took Zyla to school, then got ready to go hiking with Lining.  After 2 years of hiking with her at Stough, we were finally branching out.  I drove her up to Switzer Falls, she was happy.  The weather had been so lovely lately, nice fall breezy October, sometimes light showers.  But for some odd reason the temperatures were scheduled to rise back to summertime blistering hot.  My air conditioning in my apartment failed to work when we turned it on so I called about servicing that, then took off for the woods.  The hike was amazing.  Nobody was there; we had the place all to ourselves.  Listening to the sounds of nature, following the path along the brook, telling Lining the history of the place.  I did not mention that I used to come here with my sister in law on empty mornings to play lets get naked in the woods and pretend we are in a John Waters movie, but the memories filled my mind whenever I walked past a place where that had happened.  Thankfully the trees shaded most of our path and the temperatures were cool and comfortable.  I took her to the edge of the cliff to look down over the waterfall.  We returned to Burbank and went for lunch at her favorite Thai place.  I finished doing some errands before grabbing Zyla up from school.  Magically the air conditioning in my apartment started working and things cooled down pretty quickly.  I finished reading Anais Diary Volume 5 and enjoyed her description of her LSD trip that was spot on and reminded me of my own experimentation with that drug back in high school.  Ed had his friend Jon over for dinner, then we watched a Vampire Diary before sending Zyla to bed.  I downloaded the second episode of Dexter from isohunt.com and after 3 tries found one that was working properly. 


Thursday I got a call from Jessica's.  I was booked for Friday on Jessie, the new Disney show that took the place of Wizards, literally.  I was playing a park mom and showed up to the Hollywood Center Stages and walked back to 3/8 stage, home of Wizards where Zyla and I had filmed the fun episode with the marionettes last March.  Parking was even worse than before.  This is one of the rare shows that does not provide parking and finding it on the street was near impossible since new signs had gone up since March saying most streets were 2 hours time limit.  I ended up many blocks away.  It was weird seeing the Wizard sets all gone and Jessie sets all in their places.  Where once the Wizards diner had stood, now the living room with the sweeping staircase to Jessie's place was.  I had called Kids Management before leaving for set to find out what was going on with Zyla's account.  I had received no texts since the T-Mobile incident and found it odd considering I knew there was work out there.  I was told it was slow and she had not missed any texts.  When I got to set I ended up being the mommy for Emma and her sister.  They had both worked the Wizards episode Zyla and I had.  I had played Emma's mommy on the NTSF SD SUV show back in March as well.  I was really upset I had not gotten a text for Zyla about this gig.  The day went well, lots of food was provided and I enjoyed sitting in the bleachers watching the pre-shoots.  What a difference doing a kids show compared to Whitney.  I really appreciated my stand in job at Whitney all the more.  I thought it was funny when the pet lizard was brought out.  It was insanely huge, as big as me!  It took 4 people to carry it on set and then they would try to get it to do what they wanted but it was not really trained and just did whatever it felt like.  Things were running behind, maybe because of the lizard I don't know, but we finally got to the NY Central Park scene I was in and started shooting.  Jessica's called with a job for Monday through Sandi Allessi.  I was going to be working on The League as a bargirl.  I was really happy they were lining up work for me since the Whitney show had to take the emergency hiatus.  We broke for lunch, which was technically one-hour walk away, but they had catering so I was happy.  Steak, calamari, penne pasta, salads and veggies, all good stuff.  We got back to work which was me hanging in the park playground area watching the kids play, then the leads of the show are playing with a Chihuahua on the merry go round and it stops and the dog goes flying out of the one kids hands landing in the butlers arms on top of his hot dog.  It was so cute, but sad watching the poor little dog get rigged into a harness to fly across the stage.  It all went smoothly and we wrapped out a little after 6pm. 


Over the weekend I was chill.  Watched the latest Whitney episode, not as funny as the past two episodes but still lovable.  Finished Vampire Diaries season 2.  Started reading Anais Nin The Four-Chambered Hear, beautifully written and after hearing all her talk in the diary about it and how it was based on her relationship with Gonzalo I appreciated it all the more.  Watched Angela an old movie on instant at Netflix.  The many boom mike slips into the film were distracting from this amazing story and acting from such young talent.  Started a new series with my family that I had auditioned for earlier this year The Nine Lives of Chloe King.  I was thankful I did not get the job after watching all the stunts and locations and knowing the hours I would have had to put in.  I was much happier with my kush kush job at Whitney.  Helped Zyla work on her history report due at the end of the month.  Got my stuff together and headed to bed early Sunday night.


Monday morning I woke at 4:30am to get ready for set.  I had to drive to downtown LA on location for The League.  We were going to be shooting Chicago bar scenes all day.  I shuttled over to base camp and sat under the holding pop up tent waiting to go to wardrobe.  We were only told to bring 2 outfits but wardrobe wanted us to have 3 looks and ended up giving everyone extra clothes.  Everyone was used for all 4 scenes.  Tiffany the stand in from Whitney was there and another stand in I had worked with on Flash Forward.  I met Jimmy the Gigolo from the new Showtime reality show.  He was doing BG telling us about his reality show and how he really was a gigolo and was paid to have sex, usually with older women in their 40's-50's.  He had some pretty crazy stories.  I had to sit on bar stools most of the day and the takes were really long since the actors improv a lot of the material.  Being slouched over on the bar stool made me feel sick.  We were given a half hour break for lunch which did not agree with me adding to my queasy feelings.  The scenes were not my type of humor and it was hard to play in the bar for 12 hours and keep the energy going.  Jeff Goldblum was there and he seemed really into the role and was having fun with his dialog.  I called Jessica's to book out for the following day since I felt so sick and did not know how late we would be there.  At 8pm they wrapped us but we still had to go to wardrobe and get our vouchers and then shuttle back to our cars.  The PA kept signing everyone out at 8pm even though it was later and we complained.  He changed the voucher to the correct time but said it might not get approved at payroll.  If it did not a lot of actors would be filing claims with AFTRA.  I made it home in good time and Ed had dinner waiting for me. 


Tuesday Ed and I went for a hike in my favorite forest to Switzer Falls.  It was a spooky overcast foggy morning.  We walked the trail, all to ourselves and took some artsy nude pictures down by the creek; reminiscent of the time we spent at Harbon Hot Springs Nudist Colony.  Lunched at Los Gringos having my favorites, peach margarita and tableside made guacamole with chips, then napped until it was time to pick up Zyla.  Jessica's did not get me a job for Wednesday.  I read more of Anais The Four-Chambered Heart finishing the short novel and enjoying the trip down memory lane of that relationship she had described in her diaries.  I started reading her next novel in the series Spy in the House of Love.  I enjoyed it, but felt there was a lot of repetition.  It was as if I had heard the story before from the diaries, which of course I had, just put together differently.  With the main characters of her novel all really just revolving around different aspects of her personality, trying to segregate them into their own beings when really all of them are integrated into herself became confusing.  While reading about Sabina, sometimes it sounded like she was Lillian because really they are all the same woman.  But isn't that true in life.  We try to categorize, fit people into one neat package, define them, when in reality there are many facets and layers to each of us and one can embody many.  I loved Anais work.  I quickly finished Spy and moved on to Seductions of the Minotaur.  I remembered reading in the Diary what she was going through and what inspired this story, the Solar Barque and Lillian's quest for the truth of her life.  Thursday Jessica's called me with my details to return to Whitney the following day.


Friday morning I woke early, readied myself for set, dropped Zyla at school and drove over to the stages.  I was a little early and read some more Anais while I waited in my car on the 5th floor of the parking garage.  Around 8am I walked to the stages and grabbed up the new script.  I let Todd know I was going to be out of town for two weeks at Christmas and would miss the last two days of production before the end of the year.  The Mason House looked amazing, it was all done up for Christmas.  The smell of the stages was Christmas trees, pine, evergreen, sugar and spice.  Unfortunately after working three days on the Mason House to give it the Christmas glow, Jeff told me they had cut the Mason House scene from the episode and now it had to be taken apart.  But he left it up all day for everyone to enjoy.  Whitney's on camera mom, played by Jane Kaczmarek and her dad played by Peter Gallagher were guest starring this episode.  They were amazing and I was having fun watching their performances laughing.  Whitney made an announcement that the networks told her that she and Chris were not allowed to sing together on any more episodes.  That had been a quirky cute thing they did in a few episodes thus far, too bad not anymore.  The stand ins all shared what we had done on the emergency hiatus week and I asked Tiffany if she had met Jimmy the Gigolo when we worked The League.  She had not spent as much time with him as I had and everyone enjoyed hearing the stories he had shared with me.  Matt was able to pull Jimmy up on his iPad so everyone could put a face to the stories.  Alex said I always came back with the best stories from other sets.  We had a short but sweet day, Antar did not need to use us so wrap was 2:20pm and I made my way over to pick up Zyla from school.  Glee had finally arrived in our mailbox after all these months waiting to finish the second half of season 2.  After going to dinner at Mimi's, Ed, Zyla and I all snuggled up together to enjoy two episodes including a new favorite mash up of Thriller with Heads Will Roll on The Sue Sylvester Shuffle episode brilliant! 


The weekend was a busy one.  After Zyla's gymnastics I helped her finish up her social studies report on the explorers, then my sister's family came out to chill with us.  They came with us to meet up with our friends David, Diana and Tobey for dinner at Dino's before everyone headed up to our annual tradition of the Haunted Maze of Stough Canyon Nature Center.  This year the theme was A Hundred Years of Hidden Horror, based on the 100th anniversary of Burbank and it's history.  None of the boys made it to the maze, but Zyla braved the horrors and claimed she was never scared once though every ghoul in the place tried their hardest to get to her.  I really liked the strobe lighting and the girl tied up in the dentist chair.  Sunday we woke up early to get ready for Magic Mountain.  Zyla's friend Candace came over and we all entered the park as soon as it opened.  The horror nights were going on that evening and everyone entering the park could stay for that, but would have to pay extra to go through the mazes.  We were just interested in riding all the thrill rides.  My new favorite Tatsu, made me feel like I was flying on the back of a dragon over treetops.  Superman was amazing as well.  It was the perfect day, not too crowded; we got on 12 rides in less than 7 hours.  Even though I swore I would never ride X2 again, I found myself on it and it actually was not as bad as I remembered.  I had not done the Green Lantern before and after riding it I do not want to do it again, big headache.  I loved all the Halloween decorations throughout the park.  When the ghouls started coming out to prepare for the evening scares, we left for home.


Monday morning I got Zyla off to school, then came home to relax for a bit since my call time was not until noon.  When I arrived to the stages they were empty.  The crew was still on location on the CBS Radford Lot shooting the airport scene.  When Ryan came back with the crew he showed me pictures he had taken of all the snow!  Snow in Studio City, CA who would have thought.  They had truly made an authentic looking Chicago exterior airport scene with real snow blasted onto the outside set that the crew had to trudge through all morning to get the shots!  It was really amazing!  We broke for lunch and I went to relax and read in my car.  I finished reading Seductions of the Minotaur feeling Anais had come full circle with her character Lillian mirroring her own life.  After lunch I sat around for a few more hours while the pre-shoot scenes in the seedy motel were shot, that my girl was not in.  Around 6pm I finally got to work camera blocking the tree lot scene.  Mmmm the smell of Christmas trees was heavenly.  We camera blocked one more scene before being wrapped for the night by 7pm.  I rushed home to my family where Ed had a nice steak dinner waiting for me.  We all watched an episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King before Zyla went to bed.


Tuesday my call time was early.  It was a rainy drizzly moody day and everyone was happy the exterior shot with the snow were done the day before because it would have been a big disaster mess today.  The stages actually felt warm and snug compared to outside and we had the air conditioning on.  We had not finished all the camera blocking since Jane and Peter had been wrapped out early the day before.  Got all the scenes done and loved the re-writes.  This Christmas episode was really funny, especially Peter and Jane added into the mix!  For the first time since working on the show, the 1st AD let the stand ins go home and wrapped us out at 3:30pm!  We did not have to return for the live taping, so I gathered up my family to go eat at Granadas, then Zyla insisted on watching another episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King.  Ed and I watched Inception after putting her to bed, but only made it half way through the 2 ½ hour movie.  It was really interesting, I loved the concept but I was just too tired to make it all the way through.


AOL's top news was about Andrea Syrtash, who wrote the book Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband).  Her concept of what men want and why they go looking for it with escorts prompted her writings and she shared that if we just used technology to spice up the marriage, we could have a girlfriend/boyfriend experience while in a long term committed relationship.  Flirty texts and emails, trying new things, could go a long way to adding some excitement and keeping things new and fresh.  I thought this was funny because that is what Ed and I had been doing lately.  Ed said I could have written the book, which I agreed but I already had my own book idea I was working on.  I headed to the woods for a Rosary prayer hike at Stough before running around to do the rest of my errands.  Jessica's called early afternoon to see if I was interested in working The Bold and the Beautiful for a really low rate.  They said it was a group scene and that was why it paid so little.  It was half what I normally get and considering it was not to be a regular on the show or any guarantees of more work I turned it down.  They told me they would still submit me to the show for smaller calls at the higher rates.  After getting Zyla from school, helping with homework and making dinner, Jessica's called again with a gig for the following day on Prime Suspect.  We watched an episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King and sent Zyla off to bed with prayers.  Ed and I finished watching Inception and I crashed for my early morning call.


I dropped Zyla at school and headed over to Universal to park and be shuttled to Prime Suspects base camp on the lot.  There were to be 150 BG checking in to do a huge awards ceremony scene for a retired detective on the NY police force.  Wardrobe approved my outfit, a black suit with a wine red blouse, then I was shuttled to location off the lot over in Hollywood at the American Legion Theatre on Highland just north of Fountain.  We were told we would be done around 8pm and I decided to book out with Jessica for Friday.  Everyone was upset we were not fed breakfast.  I had thankfully had a banana and slice of bread before leaving my house.  The show shoots really fast so we did not spend a lot of time on set.  I found a bit of time to read Delta of Venus before going to set.  I was placed at table #1 with a bunch of really cool BG and we had fun playing in the scene.  Some of the guys all knew each other and were working on a webisode they wanted to recruit me for, but that is not my thing and I politely declined.  Ronnie was there doing electric and it was so awesome to see him again!  We had worked together on Better Off Ted, and I had run into him again on another set but it felt like years since I had seen him!  I found out my friend Jason from BOT worked this show as well, but he was on pregnancy leave for his wife who was delivering his first baby girl!  Lunch was served and I tried the Tilapia, which I usually never do.  It was surprisingly good in a lemon butter sauce with capers.  I had some BBQ rib meat spiced perfectly and veggies as well.  After lunch we went back to set and played the scene some more.  When the cameras were turned around to shoot the audience from the stage, I thought I might get a close up since I was sitting at the table right in front of the stage, but then I was moved to a table in the back of the room.  When they shot the scene a bunch of BG get up and are blocking me sitting at that table so I was not seen at all.  I was confused as to why I had been moved and had no idea what direction to do since I had been working with everyone at table #1 all day and we had our pattern and continuity down.  At the end of the night we were told that the executive producer, Peter Berg, had arrived that they had been waiting on.  He was doing a cameo appearance on the episode and a quick scene where he is taking shots with a group of guys.  When we went downstairs to set, I found out that was the table I had been moved to and I was totally featured downing drinks with him having a good time.  After that shot it was a wrap for us but took an hour to get everyone shuttled back to Universal with multiple people movers and vans going back and forth in the Hollywood rush hour traffic.  Jeff Olan's office called out of the blue with a gig for the next day on Private Practice standing in for Katy Strickland, then switching over to BG nurse.  I felt it was meant to be since I had booked out with Jessica's and was available, had turned down that low rate AFTRA soap and this was a SAG show.  I was thankful they were still calling me considering I still had not gotten around to updating my photo with them and it was well over 2 years since I had been in their office.  I arrived home in time to kiss my little good-night and figure out everything I would need for set the next day, then had a bunch of laughs watching Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale


Friday morning I woke up early and got ready for set before dropping Zyla at school and heading into Hollywood.  I had to park at the Hollywood Hotel about a block down the street from Railegh Studios where I needed to be on stage 1 by 9am.  I arrived early and watched all the other stand ins show up, get their vouchers and color cover and head into set.  I had been told by an AD to just remain seated outside the stage under an umbrella.  I asked Heidi, Kate Walsh's stand in, where she got her voucher since I was standing in for KaDee Strickland, but she acted vague about two units going and that I should just wait there.  At 5 minutes to 9am a PA came with my voucher and I got my color cover and nurse scrubs for the other scenes I would be in the remainder of the day.  I went into the sound stage and couldn't find the stand ins.  I asked a crew guy where they might be and he told me to go wait outside.  I said the rehearsal would be up and I could not miss it so to just point me in the direction of set.  He did and I wandered around the Private Practice until I found Heidi, Charli and Bill hiding in a back office.  It was nice to see them again and they all remembered me from my once or twice a year bookings doing stand in with them on this show.  They were extremely clicky though, but I did not take offense or find it odd considering they had been working this show for the past 5 years together.  I told them about being a regular on Whitney.  I reminisced about the last time I had hung out with Charli and she had wanted to go check out a strip club Champaign Room.  We all laughed about that, back when the show shot on location in the ghetto.  They were happy they did not go there anymore.  Charli's new thing was being famous on Twitter for standing in for Amy Brenneman.  She was excited to have a bunch of fan/followers and she kept them up to date with her life on set.  After the first scene I was done standing in for KaDee whom everyone kept saying I looked like.  I changed over into the nurse scrubs for the rest of the day and had a few hours of time to kill before we would get to the St. Ambrose Hospital scenes.  I hung out with the BG talking about all sorts of stuff, from production, youtube, government control and the future.  I was starving and Heidi had said hot dogs were coming which were taken to stage 7 where crew moved while I was left at stage 1 with the BG.  I walked over to stage 7 to get some food.  Around 3pm we were broken for walk away lunch and I read some of Anais Delta of Venus.  A little after 4pm we were brought to stage 10 for the hospital scenes.  There were three scenes all in a hospital room and only 6 of us BG to do crosses in the hallway outside the door.  Usually three of us were used at a time but for the most part we just sat around looking at the sets of the doctor's beach houses since the scenes were intimate and only needed us if the camera happened to be angled to see out the door and down the hall.  We finished up at 9:15pm and I walked back down the street to my car.  Made it home in time to put Zyla to bed and pour myself a glass of wine and warm up some pizza for dinner.  Finished watching the Jim Gaffigan show and some Drawn Together episode I had not finished before passing out for the night. 


Saturday I woke up late and got Zyla ready for gym.  I had a million errands it seemed that needed taken care of before I could relax and enjoy the afternoon.  I was excited for the evening when Zyla would be going to her Gymnastic Halloween Party while Ed and I would be going on a date night to the comedy club Flapper's here in Burbank.  After dropping Zyla at her party, I went home to have a glass of wine before going out with Ed.  I felt super sexy dressed in tight hip hugger pants with a satin white camisole tank top.  Ed and I had watched the Halloween episode of Whitney ‘The Wire' earlier and Whitney was asked to lap dance for Chris.  I do not know if this influenced me or the erotica I had been reading of Anais but I felt like doing a little lap dancing myself and sat Ed down on the couch for my show.  It also could have been Whitney's Live Nude Comedy show.  If I wanted a little burlesque with my comedy I guess I was just going to have to perform it myself!  In any event Whitney's world had infiltrated mine in positive directions.  Ed was appreciative, I felt super charged as we headed off to the comedy club.  Our show was in the YooHoo Room with headliner Rev. Mitcz Album who was taping the show for Comedy Central I believe.  I do not remember the host's name but he was the funniest, reminding me and probably heavily influence by Dave Chappelle.  The Champaigne was tasty, Ed got picked on, our waitress was dressed as Pocahontas, good times.  We left the club in time to pick up Zyla from her party and exchanged stories.


Sunday we woke up late again, I made breakfast for everyone, then we watched two episodes of Glee, which had just arrived in the mail from Netflix.  At Mass, Zyla arrived in time to perform the rituals with the priest Alter Serving.  Had some tasty Mexican at Ernie's then chilled all afternoon.  Ed asked me to read some of Anais erotica to him out loud while Zyla was busy playing elsewhere.  Later that night we finished the other two episodes of Glee on the disk and I popped it back in the mail to Netflix come morning.


Halloween morning.  Zyla wanted to get up an hour earlier than usual so I could curl her long hair for her pirate costume.  She looked amazing in her outfit, I was excited for her.  I dropped her at school then took a leisurely shower after reading some Anais.  When I picked her up for lunch, in the sea of children she stood out as the most amazingly dressed.  Ed had dressed up as his new character Dr. Web Bone.  Towards the end of the afternoon I decided to put on a little make-up as well and carry around Zyla's Dexter knife as a serial killer.  We all went out trick-or-treating in Toluca Lake taking fun pictures that Ed turned into a youtube video.  After doing that neighborhood, we went home to hit up ours.  Zyla ended up with twice as much candy as last year!  Mad Monster Party played on the TV while we gobbled on treats. 



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